16 Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginners

Looking for a fun and exciting way to use that extra wood in your garage? We’ve got you covered with an assortment of interesting and attractive handyman services projects that you can complete very fast with common tools.

Here’s to a productive and fun-filled weekend!

1. Shoe Storage Booster Stool

This stool can be used to boost your height when you need to access the upper parts of your closet. It can also be used as storage for your shoes.

2. Wooden Bench

Place this easy-to-assemble bench in your garden to enjoy your plants in peace or catch up on some reading.

3. Small Bench

This is an easy but fulfilling house repairs project that you can complete within minutes. You can use it as your go-to stool while working on other DIY projects too.

4. Magazine Storage Containers

You’ll get plenty of compliments with this creative magazine storage container.

5. Coat Rack

Carpentry has never been easier with this convenient but attractive coat rack. It’s not only an item where you can hang your coats and hats, but it also creates unique interest for your home’s entryway décor as well.

6. Spice Rack

This spice rack can store up to 18 of your favorite spices and it’s super cute and portable.

7. Thyme Saver

This rack will make it easier to see and access your spices from the drawer. You can easily build one with a few scraps of plywood. No special carpentry skills or complicated tools are needed.

8. Rustic Shelf

Using forked tree branches as its support, this rustic shelf adds a touch of nature to your living room, while providing you with added storage for your books.

9. Knife Block

Have you ever seen those cute knife blocks in the store and wonder how they’re made? Well, you can now make them on your own using some leftover boards of plywood and some measuring and bonding tools.

10. Behind-the-Door Shelves

Put your budding DIY handyman skills to work while creating extra storage for your detergents with this ‘hidden shelf’.

11. Ironing Center

This ‘ironing center’ keeps your ironing kit conveniently away when not in use, and easily accessible when needed. All you have to do is to mount a few shelves on the wall for your ironing equipment, and a couple of hooks to hang your ironing board when you’re done using it.

12. Two-Story Closet Shelves

Additional shelves in your closet provide ideal storage for unused items like winter boots in the summer or swimming gear during the winter.

13. Stacked Recycling Tower

Make recycling fun with this tower of stacked recycling bins which are placed inside a wooden frame for ease of cleaning.

14. Swedish Boot Scraper

This accessory is a staple in Swedish farms and a great way to keep your boots clean when coming from the garden on a wet day.

15. Sliding Bookend

This easy-to-make bookend provides instant storage for books and DVDs and it will look stylish on any living room.   

16. Petite Shelves

Use these petite shelves to store your favorite mementos or to keep your desktop organized.