1970s Style Finds Groove Today

I recently took a drive along with my husband the coast and we played a Name That Tune sort of game. He knows his music, and his favorite music genre is ’70s rock: bands whose songs I know but whose names — Little River Band, Eagles, Bob Seger, Credence Clearwater Revival — elude me. We had a California retro moment driving up the coast in our van, ’70s music playing along with palm trees everywhere.

What do you envision when you consider taking a drive in the ’70s? Do you have postcard imagery in mind of joyful people forcing in convertibles with palm trees and tie-dyed tops?

While my husband beat me at Name That ’70s Song, I recalled my living room from the ’70s and decided to examine some retro-inspired spaces to see how performers are bringing the colour and fun of those times into new insides for today.

Grace Blu Designs, Inc..

When I was a kid in the ’70s, my area had pink and orange polka dots. This chamber just made me laugh as it inspired a flashback. The only thing missing is the bright yellow doughnut telephone I had with a long, curly cord. It used to get tangled following hours of talking on the telephone.


Remember those rainbow bumper stickers everybody used to have in their cars? This ’70s-inspired rainbow wall along with arc lamp look ideal for a game room or basement hangout. The comfy chairs are great for relaxing with friends while playing a few rounds in an Atari.


The pillow designs along with the patchwork rug remind me with some of jeans that I had when I was a kid. The ’70s aesthetic was all about primary colours.

Anthony Baratta LLC

Even though there are a few midcentury chairs blended in this, the designs and wall art are legendary ’70s. Notice all the different geometrics blended in together with uniquely shaped furniture.

More primary colours, a love-inspired stencil with a quilt on mattress. This Bohemian space is completed by A Moroccan pouf.

Simone Alisa

A silver upholstered bed with mirrored nightstands and a grey shag rug — now that’s disco!

Roger Hirsch Architect

The very first time that I saw a dialogue pit was in a James Bond film from the ’70s. To this day that is my notion of a great entertaining layout.


This distance looks like Marcia Brady’s room, with large flower-power wall art, hanging bubble pendants along with a white shag throw rug.

Vintage Renewal

A vintage Bohemian-style barrel chair sits boldly with primary colours. See illuminates the pillow on the chair.

A vintage pattern on homemade-looking curtains coordinates using an orange macramé wall hanging.


A bright orange Malm Lancer fireplace brightens up the mood in this ’70s-inspired living room in Palm Springs. Malm Lancer fireplaces have been first first produced in the 1960s in Sonoma County, California. This style gained fame in the ’70s and still looks fresh today.

Anthony Baratta LLC

More rainbow colours and geometric patterns have been blended fearlessly by Anthony Barrata in this living area. Note the orange, yellow and red blended with mirrored furniture.

Inform us : What’s your favorite ’70s-inspired style?

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