8 Creative and Clever Ways With Bathrooms

In case you have a small bathroom off a hallway or a tiny half bath tucked under the stairs, do not be intimidated by the size — embrace it! Take the emphasis off the square footage and place it on your own materials, colour or design to transform your area from ordinary to extraordinary. Using tile, paint, background and built-ins creatively can help turn your small bathroom into a stone box.

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Creative paint remedies. Use the easy and reasonably priced power of paint to completely alter your bathroom’s appearance. Bold colours are excellent, but innovative paint remedies also work well in small spaces. Paint is an easy update to correct, so don’t be afraid to play.

The stripes within this half bath make the room look wider. The painted ceiling pulls the eye away from discovering the little size.

How to paint an ideal stripe

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An open shower. Europeans have understood for decades that eliminating the shower door can make a shower fit into the smallest of bathrooms. Additional waterproofing steps need to be removed — like tiling from floor to ceiling — but this design could be well worth it if you have a little space like this.

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An unconventional design. This bath has the space to deal with a little bathtub, but the bathtub’s position could have cramped the vanity. The designer chose a creative approach, placing the vanity directly against the shower glass with a mirror up top to conserve space.

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Great flooring tile. Put your toilet’s focal point on the floor to draw the eye toward the back of the room. This narrow bath appears tight at first, but the flooring tile makes you overlook that the square footage. Putting the identical motif on the back window glass on the floor made for a cohesive design.

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Built-ins. Small baths in older homes frequently have loads of nooks, crannies and random walls which go rancid. Make the most out of these surfaces; do not let anything turned into dead space. This homeowner took advantage of this inside wall next to the bathroom to create additional storage and an immediate inside focal point.

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A mural. The mural within this hot little bathroom fools the eye at first glance. Poster-style murals are available at several online retailers — imagine taking a trip to Maui or the desert each single time you open the bathroom door. Take a cue from the bathroom: Line that the mural up with a vantage point that suggests that the bathroom continues on and on for a playful, realistic touch.

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Bold wall coverings. In scale, bold wall coverings result in smaller bathrooms which are delightfully shocking to the eye. Consider adding the identical wall covering to a ceiling for additional drama.

Expert Talk: Wallpaper Gains Steam in the Bathroom

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Mirrors. Adding a mirror to a little distance is the oldest trick in the book — because it works! This bath has a corner mirror which doubles everything in its view, such as the lights on either side. This is a good technique when you have a bathroom without natural lighting.

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