9 Outdoor Lighting Schemes Which Get Common Style Right

Exterior lighting is equally as important as an inside lighting layout. Universally designed exterior lighting ensures a smooth transition between indoors and out when the evening rolls in. Well-executed outdoor lighting layout also makes all of the difference in transforming your entry from run-of-the-mill to inviting, welcoming and secure.

Other regions of the house, like patios and walkways, also deserve attention, as these are the areas people browse to get to the final destination — mishap free — to relax and rejuvenate. The light options here will make your outdoor spaces simpler for everyone, from those with aging bodies and eyes to small ones trying their wings out.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

The exterior lighting for this particular house clearly indicates the different outside zones, while the front door is marked from the wash of lights. Each one of the entrances are on a single level, with an optional stairs.

McKay Landscape Lighting

Here is another great example of creating a visual cue to a destination point. This house offers single-level access plus a good specifying sculpture to lead you into the front entry. In addition, I love the color and material contrast to help specify the different zones or regions of the house.

Phil Kean Design Group

While the path for this house’s front entry might be a bit long for a few, the LED lighting along its landings indicates the way into the front door.

Soloway Designs Inc | Architecture + Interiors AIA

Large landing zones, brief risers, step lights and strategically placed benches for rest stops allow for an easier way of the front door .


For the patio area of the home, the rope light around the outside of the raised beds offers a couple of advantages: It clearly defines the route into the entry-exit point of the construction and keeps people from bumping to the raised beds.

McKay Landscape Lighting

The down light in the retaining wall lights the road , along with the large coping stone offers a welcoming seat where a person can rest along the way.

Land & Water Design

This wonderful display of uplighting not just highlights and enhances the architectural and landscape characteristics of this space, but in addition supplies a reference point for somebody to judge distances and varying grades in the backyard.


If you have a deck, then consider LED rail lighting, like this one from Environmental Lights. It supplies a small amount of light that’s dimmable without a glare, and readily marks the perimeter of the deck.

├╝ber iron

And while you’re at it, do not forget you can also light the newel posts too!

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