Chimney Masonry Repair Tips

Since the warmer weather is already on its way, it’s about time that you get your chimney inspected and get some chimney handyman Evansville repair done. Now is the perfect time to check if there are any problems in your chimney. If there are any problems, they must be repaired immediately while the weather is still good.

When’s the Best Time to Repair Chimney Masonry?

The chimney masonry refers to the bricks and mortar as well as the other materials that extend the chimney. During the winter, these materials may end up getting damaged as a result of outside elements. Overexposure to water could cause these materials to deteriorate.

Moreover, the freeze-thaw cycle could prolong the materials’ contact with water, which will make the matter worse. When the moisture on the materials gets frozen, it will end up expanding and could lead to a lot of issues. In addition, water penetration can also cause damages to the interior and exterior of the chimney.

Among the problems that could be encountered are the following:

Adjacent wood will be rotten and the wall coverings ruined.
The central heating system will deteriorate.
Chimney structure will tilt and collapse.
Damper assemblies will get rusted.
Flue lining system will crack and deteriorate.
Glass doors and fireplace accessories will be rusted.
Hearth support will collapse.
Metal firebox assemblies will deteriorate.

Take Action Before Bad Weather

While the weather is still good, you should take action by scheduling a chimney inspection. In doing so, you’ll have enough time to do handyman Evansville repairs just before the winter starts. Some repairs may need time to warm up and require dry condition in order to get cured properly. If you find out early on that your chimney needs repair, you’ll be able to plan ahead and take advantage of the good weather.

Extensive Chimney Repair

If you find out that your chimney needs extensive repair or that you realize that it is not the kind of job that you can handle on your own, you should call for professional help. There are chimney repair service providers that can provide quality work. They will send over professional technicians who are trained and certified to perform different repair methods. All the damages in your chimney will be documented along with videos and photos and will be shown to you in order to better explain the issues.

On the other hand, if the damages on your chimney are not really that extensive, you can do a few simple repairs on your own. However, make sure that you know what to look for and you know how to properly repair the damages. Again, the chimney repairs must only be done when the weather is warm and dry.

So while the weather is still warm and the winter is still way ahead, you should take this opportunity to protect your chimney. Schedule your chimney handyman Evansville in inspection today just before the cold winds start to roll in!