DIY Winter-Themed Centerpieces for a Kitchen Table

A winter-themed centerpiece adds the essence of seasonal beauty to the table. Create your own decor using twigs and branches, faux ice and simulated ice to get a wintry view without frigid temperatures.

Branching Out

Scour the yard for loose twigs or branches little enough to display in a vase, or purchase twisted or unusual divisions from a craft store’s floral department. Jazz them up with homemade synthetic ice — spread clear vase-filler crystals or gems in a shallow tray or tub; then brush craft glue above the areas of the branches you would like to decorate. Dip the branches to the vase filler to give them an ice-like coat. Opalescent, nice white glitter scattered over the wet adhesive adds a sparkling ice effect. For another look, first paint the divisions silver; subsequently give them the icy therapy. Display the divisions in a white, ice blue or clear vase across the kitchen table. Dangle a few snowflake-shaped decorations out of the divisions, if you prefer.

Ornamental Display

Fill a transparent cylinder vase or apothecary jar with silver, frosted white and ice blue ball ribbons to get a screen suitable for the entire winter season. Rather than a jar or vase, use a long, narrow bowl usually employed for nuts or fruits for another look. Arrange the decorations so that their tops face so they look more like balls than ornaments. Faux pearls in white, blue or silver may be used to fill a transparent, narrow stem vase to get a smaller centerpiece, or use fake ice cubes for yet another winter-inspired look.

Under a Dome

A glass cloche or dome creates a miniature surroundings in centerpiece size. Paint several pedestal egg cups white and put a pine cone in each after dipping the tops of the cones in school glue and white or silver glitter for a snowy effect. Screen the pine cones beneath the cloche. If the cloche includes a foundation or rack, sprinkle extra glitter onto it for artificial snow. Create a wintertime fairy garden or village by making a miniature igloo in a 1-inch clay pot painted white. Fill the base of a plant tray with salt or sugar; then soften the grass sideways, leaving half of it exposed to create a tiny abode. Place sprigs of pine branches or miniature fairy figures in the seasoning snow, as if they’re miniature trees. Utilize the glass dome to protect the tiny atmosphere.

Festive Foods

Create a centerpiece from edible items to get a creative tabletop screen. Use a foam cone for the foundation; subsequently fasten gumdrops to it in white, blue or green, using toothpicks to keep the gumdrops set up. The end result resembles a wintertime pine tree sparkling with ice. Create an edible gingerbread-style house using graham crackers or saltines for the walls and roof. White or light blue icing serves as the glue that holds the cracker arrangement together; mixture 1/4-teaspoon cream of tartar into each cup of frosting to make the frosting firm, but still edible. Decorate the house with white nougat or taffy-style candy cut into little pieces for embellishments like window frames or a doorknob, employing the icing glue to ensure the pieces. If you are using the centerpiece for a delicious treat, make sure it gets eaten in a day or 2; otherwise, then the crackers may become stale.

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