Front-Loading Washer Seal Failure

The seal around the door opening, or gasket, in your own front-loading washer is there to store water inside the bathtub during the wash and spin cycles. If you notice water on the floor in front of the washer, rivulets of detergent and water or unexplained water marks across the door, the seal may have neglected.

Sealed Up

The very first symptom of seal failure on your front-loading washer is usually water dripping or fluid in the bottom of the door. This reduction of water indicates that the seal is torn, cracked or crumbling. Age, mould and mildew and improper cleaning can cause the seal to fail. Clean the seal frequently, but manage it gently and avoid harsh cleaners that break down the rubber. Once the seal has failed, it must be replaced. On all models, there are clips that hold the seal in place. Unplug the machine, then pull on the old seal from the clips and then carefully press on the new one into place. Make sure it’s secured with the clips to prevent leaks and damage to the brand new seal.

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