Grants for Green Home Improvements

Green home improvements offer you an assortment of benefits to homeowners in addition. An energy-efficient home reduces spending and might make the home more attractive to prospective buyers, according to”U.S. News and World Report.” The federal government has initiated many different tax incentives and grants for green home improvements, as have state organizations and local energy firms. Funding for green home improvements is very likely to last, as energy-efficient technology and products continue to emerge.

Energy Star

Energy Star, a program supplies home improvement grants in the form of a tax credit. Consumers who purchase appliances receive a tax credit of 30 percent of the overall cost. Consumers who install solar power systems, small wind turbines, geothermal heat pumps or fuel cell systems receive 30 percent of the overall cost, with no limitation on the return. Although grants for new utilities like biomass stoves, heating and air-conditioning units, insulation, roof, doors, windows and water heaters die in December 2010, additional programs continue till 2016.

California Energy Commission

California residents are entitled to receive home improvement financing from the California Energy Commission’s Emerging Renewables Program. The grants are especially geared toward solar power, and provide financing for installation of wind or fuel cell electricity systems. The grants are available to consumers, as well as colleges properties and companies. For fuel cell systems, consumers receive a $3 rebate per watt. For solar wind systems, consumers receive a $3% rebate before April 6, 2011, at which point the rebate declines to $2.50 per watt. For solar wind systems that exceed 10 kilowatts, consumers receive a $1.50 per watt .

Southern California Gas Company

The Southern California Gas Company delivers green home improvement rebates to homeowners who upgrade home appliances with energy-efficient products. Qualifying products include dryers and dishwashers, low-flow showerheads, insulation, furnaces and water heaters. Grant amounts vary by product, ranging from $15 to get an energy-efficient showerhead to $200 to get a new furnace. All appliances must meet with the qualifications of the Energy Star program. Southern California Gas Company also supplies improvement programs for low-income renters and homeowners under the Direct Assistance Program.

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