How to Set a Water Softener to Regenerate

A water softener can remove hard mineral deposits in a home’s water source, particularly if the water comes from a well. Not only does the delicate water feel better on the skin, but soft water retains mineral deposits from building up in water heaters, washing machines and other household appliances, thus extending their usable life. You can set a water softener to regenerate at a specific time which best fits your family’s schedule.

Remove the lid and refill your water softener’s salt hopper with softener salt, then shut the lid to keep debris out of the salt hopper.

Have a sample of the difficult water before moving through the softening process to determine how much sodium your softener will require for each recharge cycle. If the test shows results in parts per million (PPM), then divide the PPM worth by 17.1 to determine the grains per gallon (GPG). Establish your water softener’s hardness dial (sometimes referred to as a brine control) to match the GPG figure determined by the water test.

Pull out the timer knob and set the present time on the water softener’s timer dial. Then place the time on the 24-hour regeneration dial when water is used in your family.

Determine the average quantity of water used daily in your family using the graph found within your softener’s operation manual. Then set the purifier dial up referring to the number of days between recharges dependent on the use chart.

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