New Tile Trends Play With Pattern and Geometry

The 2013 Coverings trade show in Atlanta revealed the latest in tile styles from around the world, some brand new and some familiar but twisted into something brand new. Besides innovations in the wood look, manufacturers are also playing pattern and geometry. Patterns are appearing tiles themselves, and some tiles are being designed to create patterns by the way they are installed on walls and flooring. Some installations are a mixture of both. The brand new tiles from this year’s Coverings shown below should spark your own tile layout ideas.


Designers are producing large striped compositions like this daring one by employing different-size tiles as well as strong color contrasts.

Shown: One Set by Viva

Long vertical stripes highlight the ceiling and divide the big tiled wall here. The tiled wall additionally creates a backsplash.

Shown: Play by Sant’Agostino

Colorful stripes add energy.

Shown: Top Color by Sant’Agostino


Mixed gingham, stripes and solids in lively pastels create a quilt-like composition here.

Shown: Lamosa

Florals, neutrals and shades of purple tile backsplash that this bathroom wall.

Shown: Cotto Vogue Collection by Cir

A smaller patchwork of patterned tiles looks like a painting on this Mediterranean weathered kitchen wall.

Shown: Cotto Vogue Collection by Cir

Florals and Botanicals

Tiles can produce modern vertical gardens, using small- and large-scale botanical designs covering entire walls like wallpaper. A big benefit to selecting tile wallpaper in the bath or kitchen is that tile stands up to water, food stains and steam.

Shown: Home by Sant’Agostino

Large-scale branches produce a tiled mural within this elegant bathroom. These tiles also provide metallic and texture colour, two more trends we will explore more in another ideabook.

Shown: Java by Grespania

Watercolor petals on tiles unite the trends of florals and stripes.

Shown: Pamesa

Strong Geometry

designs are taking on crisp geometric forms and lively patterns.

Shown: Miroir by Viva

Brazen op art patterns play tricks on the eye.

Shown: By Arturo Stevens for Original Mission Tile

Circles and ovals are big as well, in popularity and in size.

Shown: Glam by Ulf Moritz for Viva

Freer Forms

Since tile is shooting over whole walls, big undulating patterns now have space to ebb and flow.

Shown: Grespania

Classics With a Twist

a bigger scale and lively pattern give traditional hexagonal tiles a modern twist. It’s hard to see in the photograph, but these tiles have a bulge in the center that adds measurement. That’s another trend for another ideabook and only a little hint at the sculptural qualities some tiles now have.

Shown: Apavisa

A medium-size hex tile dances this wall up.

Shown: STN Ceramica

Small-scale penny tile in various colors dazzles with motion.

Shown: Rex-Cerart

Mad Plaids

designs are now part of larger patterns that spread upon the ground. In cases like this the floor takes on a crisp and chic menswear-inspired look.

Shown: Frame by Refin

Bigger tiles stand up with this expansive living room’s scale.

Shown: Unique Collection by Rex-Cerart

Conventional Mission Patterns

Traditional patterns of tile play are playing a big role in today’s popular Spanish colonial, assignment, Mediterranean and Moroccan looks. These tiles are cement — learn more about cement tiles.

Shown: By Arturo Stevens for Original Mission Tile

Large-scale patterns may transform a ground or wall into the most fascinating part of the room. These tiles recall cement and encaustic tiles but are ceramic.

Shown: Frame by Refin

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