Playful Decor to Put a House in Humor

Design can seem so serious sometimes. So many rules, a lot of Danish names to memorize. But really, there’s only 1 principle: Your home should reflect your character. Beauty, comfort, character. That.

Which is the reason I love design that incorporates humor. Playfulness should becoming a part of our homes. Pretty goes so far, after all.

Listed below are 11 pretty great methods to get some chuckles (and perhaps even enjoy your house longer).


Jonathan Adler is the daddy of antidepressive layout, and his funny Vices jars are very winking icons.

Holly Marder

A playful art-inspired nursery provides a nod to Magritte’s bowler paintings.

Isolina Mallon Interiors

Your life cans turn into a cartoon panel.

Wallpaper Collective

Hidden humor: wallpaper that is head-in-the-sand. Design-y subtle.

Envision living


OK, so personally this isn’t a painting I’d go for, but I love its pop art humor.

Robert Granoff

It looks like a painting with an old Dutch Master. It’s really a picture of a lady using a bag on her head. Love it.

Jennifer Gustafson Interior Design

Potty Humor

“Wash behind your ears.” The admonition of mom, enshrined in tile. Bathrooms are an easy place to be amusing in — they’re little, they’re personal and they’re secret.


Bathroom humor is as old as the dinosaurs.

Nic Darling

Funny Bones

A plywood peephole wall is a playful take on the wooden banister. It’s possible to tell this household is fun.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Require an architectural component, possibly one which annoys you (like the step everyone is constantly tripping over) and attract attention to it in a funny way.

Kendall Ansell Interiors

If your pet is really a part of your loved ones, they should get his own entry, no?

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