The finest Waterford Stemware Patterns

Waterford is synonymous with the highest-quality Irish crystal accessible. Waterford chandeliers hang in areas of prestige like Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. And who hasn’t seen the crystal ball falling in Times Square at midnight on New Year’s Eve? That, also, is Waterford. Waterford stemware is a coveted addition in wedding registries, while marrieds and non-marrieds alike relish drinking their wine in an elegant Waterford glass. Favorite patterns have emerged through the years, all reflective of this hand-cut craftsmanship that has defined Waterford for decades.


Waterford’s most popular cut-crystal pattern, Lismore, was produced by the company’s designer Miroslav Havel in 1952. It was motivated by the spectacular Lismore Castle in Waterford County, Ireland, a magnificently turreted structure with complex leaded windows. The castle once belonged to Sir Walter Raleigh. Lismore crystal has a gorgeous simplicity, with smooth wedge cuts supporting the open, elongated ovals. A finger run over the wedges finds no sharp edges, but rather glides gently over the crystal-cut pillows.


The Alana suite of cut crystal was released by Waterford in 1952 and has been the first in a set of layouts named after Irish women. Meaning “darling” in Gaelic, Alana features a deep area of wedge cuts encircling the bowl of each piece. Lavish in its numerous rows of cuts, Alana is beloved by collectors who respect plenty of crystal cutting.


As popular a Irish name since it is a style of Waterford crystal, this layout was released in 1968. Lovely and stylish without being overly ornamental, the Colleen design is famous for its elongated “olives” that occupy almost half of the very surface of each piece. In the base of these olives sits a area of diamond cuts duplicated in the Alana pattern. A crystal bubble decorates the stem of Colleen glassware and features circles of nice wedge cuts.


The archived Powerscourt pattern was inspired by the gardens of the identical name in County Wicklow, Ireland. Paying tribute to Asian flora prominent at Powerscourt, this layout includes leaves using flowery representations covering almost the entire surface of each piece. A foundation of interconnected diamond patterns provides the visual strength of the plan. First introduced in 1969, Powerscourt appeals to this naturalist in crystal collectors and is still available by custom order.

The Millennium Series

Among the newer suites released by Waterford is the Millennium series, which rose in popularity in the turn of the 21st century. Denoting a multiple depiction of happiness, love, health, prosperity and peace, the champagne flutes are lavishly embellished in cut-crystal sheaves of wheat. A frequent choice of millennials who are beginning their collections, this line of Waterford crystal entered the new century in style.

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