8 Resourceful Nightstand Alternatives

Thinking beyond the box when it comes to home decor isn’t only good for design; it is good on the pocketbook. When providing the bedroom, many homeowners buy two nightstands. If that route isn’t your style or not at the budget, then you’ll love these eight nightstand choices. From suitcases to classic stools, see how taking the road less traveled on your nightstand choices can give your room a gathered, unique vibe.

Scheer & Co..

VIntage suitcases would be the perfect nightstand alternative — they are easily obtainable and full of charm.

Inside my bedroom, my husband’s nightstand is four stacked suitcases we’ve gathered through time. You could easily place one suitcase on top of a stool, such as in the image shown here, and have an equally lovely vignette.

Jennifer Young

If space is an issue on your bedroom, then a classic wooden crate hung on the wall is a easy alternative.

Dreamy Whites

The majority of us have additional chairs lying about, and if you do not, they are a simple find on Craigslist or in thrift stores and make ideal, casual nightstands.

Michelle Hinckley

A shelf could become a nightstand at a snap when hung in an appropriate elevation.

Siemasko + Verbridge

Old trunks make good nightstands due to the instant character they bring to a room, and they are a nice, big storage choice for those people with smaller spaces.

Life in the Fun Lane

Painted to match the decor of a room, a drop-leaf dining table that is lovely becomes a huge nightstand.

Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

In case you have any carpentry skills, developing a easy shelf unit to act as a nightstand can present your room form and function.


An adjustable-height classic stool similar to this one is a nice alternative to the traditional nightstand. It is possible to raise or reduce the stool to function perfectly in its role and also have a small space to put away books underneath.

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