An atrium is an internal courtyard rising vertically through a construction using a glass or open roof. Atriums provide natural light and ventilation whilst producing the visual effects of indoor-outdoor living.

Hufft Projects

Atriums are an effective way to save energy by utilizing daylight.

John Maniscalco Architecture

Like a chimney, atriums take in little air but possess a top outlet, making healthy ventilation.

David Eichler Photography

Most Eichler homes include atriums. Indoor-outdoor living was crucial to Eichler’s goal of contemporary design for the masses. In ancient times the atrium was the most lavishly decorated room in the house.

uttara and adwait

Atriums are usually rectangular and have four walls, but the illusion of this can be made with linear specifics along with a large skylight.

Studio Bergtraun AIA

An atrium can have a garden. With experimentation and research, the proprietor can come across the plant species that will flourish in it.

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