A Smoking Washing Machine

However you look at this, a smoking washing machine spells trouble in all capital letters. This is a job for the intermediate or advanced do-it-yourself individual to undertake. If you’re a first timer or beginner, then it is time to call the pros as a smoking washing machine typically signals serious motor or clutch problems.

Machine Hums Loudly, Smokes But Does Not Start

When an electric engine starts up, it is going to draw five to six times its normal operating current for a brief time period, until the engine reaches two-thirds of its working speed. A defective start switch, or bad start or run winding in the motor is going to keep the motor from starting correctly, along with also the high in-rush present will keep on causing the motor’s windings to overheat and burn. The burning motor winding is actually the cause of the smoke. Regardless of what the initial cause of the issue, when it calms to this point, you need to replace the engine.

Machine Squeals and Smokes

A slipping drive belt will lead to a loud squealing noise. Together with the smoke coming from the overheated drive belt is going to be the distinct smell of burning rubber. A slipping drive belt may be caused by an improperly adjusted idler pulley or a mechanical jam somewhere in the drive train. It could also be brought on by a drive belt so badly worn that the automatic tensioner can no longer compensate for the wear. In the case of a mechanical jam, it could be a issue with the clutch, the transmission or even bad tub bearings. Those are all hard repairs that you won’t have the resources for and you need to call a professional. However, replacing a worn belt or even correcting the tensioner pulley are simple tasks requiring nothing more than a large screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.

Light Smoke With Burning Smell

Light, wispy smoke coming from the base of the washing machine signals a problem with the transmission shifting solenoid. Smoke coming from the upper back of the machine signals a bad fill valve solenoid. And smoke coming from the control panel signals a terrible timer motor. Replace the faulty parts as needed.

Other Potential Causes

Smoke coming from a washing machine could also be the result of a flaw in the electric wiring, but this is actually the probable cause. A partially broken wire will arc above, causing the cable’s insulation to overheat and burn. A hot wire may also arc over to the machine, again causing the insulation to smoke and burn. Usually when this kind of problem exists, there will be, aside from the smoke and the smell of burning plastic, the distinct smell of ozone created by the arcing. In cases such as this, simply search for signs of burned insulation on the wiring.

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