The way to put in a Spin-In Duct Fitting

Spin-in collars reduce the installation time of a duct division line by eliminating the need for screws to hold it in place. Rather, the collars sandwich the duct wall between an internal collar and an outer tapered bead. The correct hole size is required to be sure the spin collar sits securely in the wall of the duct. Once correctly installed, the spin-in collar will provide a fail-safe connection involving a duct back line and the atmosphere register distributing air through your house.

Determine Spin-in Diameter

Measuring the width of the spin-in is the very first step in ensuring it fits correctly from the duct. Taking the dimension from the wrong end of this fitting will permit you to receive a fictitious dimension which will cause an incorrectly hole. Always measure the fitting from the conclusion of the fitting with the taper and subsequently add 1/8 inch to the diameter, allowing room for the fitting to spin at the duct.

Cut and Prepare the Hole

After quantifying the hole, a hole cutter is required to ensure you cut a circular hole at the face of the duct. The hole cutter consists of a pulley that is simulated, a three-sided drill bit and a pivot point. After transferring the pivot point, the smooth finish of the drill bit fits into a drill engine. Rotating the cutter gradually will cut a perfectly round hole in the sheet metal. A 1/2-inch slit is required after cutting, to permit the internal collar to slip through the duct wall.

Safe the Spin-in Collar

Replacing the spin-in collar from the duct demands sliding the border of the internal collar into the cut slit and spinning the fitting clockwise. After one full revolution, the internal collar will pop through the duct and the spin-in collar will sit loosely in the duct. After installation, you put the handle in an accessible location, then pull the internal flange to the bottom of the tapered bead by squeezing them together — in several places — with a pair of self-locking pliers to lock it in place.

Seal the Collar Edges

Even a tight spin-in collar will flow air around its linking point to the ductwork. Apply a water-based sealant to the base of the collar with a paintbrush to prevent air leaks. The sealant requires 24 hours to harden; during this time, you cannot run the air conditioning system.

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A Smoking Washing Machine

However you look at this, a smoking washing machine spells trouble in all capital letters. This is a job for the intermediate or advanced do-it-yourself individual to undertake. If you’re a first timer or beginner, then it is time to call the pros as a smoking washing machine typically signals serious motor or clutch problems.

Machine Hums Loudly, Smokes But Does Not Start

When an electric engine starts up, it is going to draw five to six times its normal operating current for a brief time period, until the engine reaches two-thirds of its working speed. A defective start switch, or bad start or run winding in the motor is going to keep the motor from starting correctly, along with also the high in-rush present will keep on causing the motor’s windings to overheat and burn. The burning motor winding is actually the cause of the smoke. Regardless of what the initial cause of the issue, when it calms to this point, you need to replace the engine.

Machine Squeals and Smokes

A slipping drive belt will lead to a loud squealing noise. Together with the smoke coming from the overheated drive belt is going to be the distinct smell of burning rubber. A slipping drive belt may be caused by an improperly adjusted idler pulley or a mechanical jam somewhere in the drive train. It could also be brought on by a drive belt so badly worn that the automatic tensioner can no longer compensate for the wear. In the case of a mechanical jam, it could be a issue with the clutch, the transmission or even bad tub bearings. Those are all hard repairs that you won’t have the resources for and you need to call a professional. However, replacing a worn belt or even correcting the tensioner pulley are simple tasks requiring nothing more than a large screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.

Light Smoke With Burning Smell

Light, wispy smoke coming from the base of the washing machine signals a problem with the transmission shifting solenoid. Smoke coming from the upper back of the machine signals a bad fill valve solenoid. And smoke coming from the control panel signals a terrible timer motor. Replace the faulty parts as needed.

Other Potential Causes

Smoke coming from a washing machine could also be the result of a flaw in the electric wiring, but this is actually the probable cause. A partially broken wire will arc above, causing the cable’s insulation to overheat and burn. A hot wire may also arc over to the machine, again causing the insulation to smoke and burn. Usually when this kind of problem exists, there will be, aside from the smoke and the smell of burning plastic, the distinct smell of ozone created by the arcing. In cases such as this, simply search for signs of burned insulation on the wiring.

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How Quickly Can I Get a Mortgage?

Many things can impact the length of time it takes to receive a mortgagefrom how active the lender is when you apply to the requirements of laws and regulations. When planning to acquire a new mortgage, it’s crucial to consider the time of your program and the period of the procedure so as to correctly anticipate how quickly the money will be disbursed.

Waiting Periods

Regulation Z, or the Truth in Savings Act, was amended in 2009 to add mandatory waiting periods such as mortgages. Banks may not close a home loan in fewer than seven days from the time that you are given the disclosures which accompany your program. This compulsory waiting period is to allow you time to fully examine and understand the terms of the loan prior to documents are signed. The need may only be waived if you have a bona fide crisis which can be recorded. As a result of this regulation, it’s usually not possible to get a mortgage faster.

Underwriting Times

Varies by establishment and by the general level of activity on the marketplace. It can extend the time it takes to assess yours, if a lender or mortgage company is experiencing a high volume of applications. It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks for your document to be reviewed depending on these variables. To expedite this procedure, react quickly to any requests for verification or information, such as home assessments or tax returns.

Rate Lock Period

1 method of evaluating whether a lender will have the ability to provide you a mortgage quickly is to look at the duration of the rate lock it’s using. If you lock in your mortgage rate, the lender tells you how long that rate will be legitimate. There is A standard rate lock period usually approximately 30 days. If your loan agent promotes a longer lock period, it could be because the opportunity may be more than 30 days at that establishment.


Regulation Z also requires a rescission period for loans Along with needing a waiting period following program. If you are refinancing your current mortgage or taking equity out of your home, the bank must wait three business days after you register documents so as to disburse the funds from your loan. After your loan closes to reconsider and terminate the bargain if you want, rescission is designed to give you time, but this time does delay the availability of cash.


Whether it takes a month or longer or 10 business days to receive a mortgage, it’s necessary to investigate and fully understand the loan prior to signing. Carefully review all of disclosures given to you, and think about using the waiting intervals to shop different banks and mortgage companies to make certain you are receiving the best rate and closing costs available. Discuss the situation with your loan agent to ascertain whether you could be eligible for a waiver of the timing conditions if you are experiencing a true crisis, such as foreclosure.

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Federal Help With Home Mortgage

In response to the collapse of the mortgage industry and their home markets, the federal government established programs to help struggling homeowners remain in their houses. The government purchased Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two biggest government-sponsored mortgage investors to create mortgage refinance and modification programs designed to help homeowners make their mortgage payments. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD required their approved housing counseling services to provide counseling to homeowners facing foreclosure.


Housing counselors are located throughout the country. These counselling services specialize in helping home buyers and homeowners with the mortgage process. These firms are all nonprofit businesses, and a few receive grants from HUD or other government agencies. These firms also specialize in foreclosure prevention. If you’re falling behind in your mortgage or anxiety you may, contact HUD toll free at 800-569-4287 to locate a counselor in your area.


1 issue is declining home values. Some homeowners discover they have a mortgage with a balance that exceeds the home’s value. Freddie Mac and fannie Mae have established special loan programs for homeowners who have a loan owned by one of these agencies. Contact your servicer, the company you make your payment to, and ask if company owns your loan and if you are eligible for any special refinance programs for this.

Temporary Modification

Servicers are invited to provide payment reductions or eliminations if they will assist a family make it through a temporary issue. Usually the servicer expands the loan duration by the amount of suspended payments. Once the homeowner makes it through the issue, the payments restart as scheduled without any negative marks on the credit report.

Permanent Modification

Servicers may permanently change the loan. The modification is on loan amount the interest rate or both. The modification will ensure the new loan repayment does not exceed 31 percent of the borrower’s gross monthly income. Borrowers must provide evidence of their income to the service ; typically this includes providing taxation returns and paystubs, W-2s. Conclusion of a trial period is required prior to the loan modification is made irreversible. If the borrower accomplishes any of their trial period payments, the modification is canceled by the servicer.

Foreclosure Alternatives

Occasionally giving up the home is the only alternative. Rather than waiting to be foreclosed upon, creditors may attempt to sell the home. Even if the debtors owe more than the home is worth, lenders are letting them sell the home as a short sale (if the home is sold for less than what is owed). Borrowers may also give back the home. This is until it is fully foreclosed upon when the home is turned over by a debtor. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have rental back programs that allow the homeowners to rent the home after they’ve given up the home. This permits them time to find another place to call home.

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Process for Buying Foreclosure Property

Buying a foreclosure might seem to enter the actual estate game. In down markets, foreclosures seem especially attractive as the real estate market becomes plagued by defaulted properties, some of which could be in great locations and in good shape. Nonetheless, the procedure for buying a foreclosure can easily become a nightmare when buyers overlook certain liabilities and dangers associated with defaulted properties, which makes otherwise would have been a wise investment into a money pit.

Preapproval Letter

Before buying any property, buyers must get a preapproval letter from a creditor by submitting documentation demonstrating proof of earnings, job history and financial status. A preapproval letter acts as a valuable negotiation instrument since it quantifies a loan amount that the purchaser qualifies for according to his current financial status. However, note that a letter is nonbinding to the lending company. It’s also subject to an appraisal, is time sensitive, and the loan amount and terms can change in accordance with your own credit and fiscal status.

Budget Accordingly

Foreclosures can come to market value but demand a lot of work. When some properties can be found in great neighborhoods, most foreclosures are typically sold in poor state. In addition to renovation expenses, the new homeowner might also be required to pay off any existing tax exemptions or unpaid interest, and might have to deal with evicting existing tenants. Sometimes, the potential buyer might know this information beforehand and perhaps even prevent the process altogether. Otherwise, potential buyers of foreclosed properties ought to consider these extra expenses when preparing their budget.

Find Foreclosures and Get the Owner

There are several approaches to find foreclosures. Get in touch with a real estate agent, a lender, a government agency such as HUD or Fannie Mae, or sift through local papers, online listings or by calling the county clerk’s office. According to MSN, the preferred method for inexperienced buyers would be to contact the lender directly for a listing of bank-owned properties. Bank-owned properties are those that were returned to the creditor after an unsuccessful auction sale. Once a bank owns a property, they’ll pay off any existing tax exemptions or unpaid debts and supply title insurance. You will also have the ability to inspect the property before buying it and take advantage of the bank’s seller-incentives such as favorable mortgage terms, lower down payments and no closing costs. With an auction home, you’ll be buying the property blind. That is, you won’t have the chance to inspect the house or determine whether there are any existing obligations to be paid off. Furthermore, you’ll have to cover the property up front in cash or using a cashier’s check.


Foreclosed properties are offered in”as-is” state and are generally in disarray. Hire a contractor and inspector that will help you decide your renovation expenses. Additionally, you ought to do a name search to determine if there are any liens on the property, which may drive up the cost. Liens are any unpaid debts, taxes or contractor bills (mechanics’ liens) that will remain intact until the cash is paid. Normally, bank-owned properties should have a clear name, but you should still make sure this is actually the case lest you’re in charge of paying off some extra preexisting debts.


At a foreclosure auction house, you purchase property by paying money up front. Otherwise, you can take out a fresh loan or determine whether the property’s existing mortgage is assumable. With a loan assumption, the purchaser takes title to the property and takes over the existing mortgage without needing to get new funding. The assumed mortgage will have exactly the same terms, payments and because of amount because it was first originated to the original owner. Thus, a loan assumption may offer the benefit of having a lower interest than current market prices. Potential customers may also negotiate with the lender to remove the prior borrower from further obligations, thus putting the entire debt burden on the mortgage purchaser.

Make an Offer

At an auction, you just bid on the house and pay cash up front. Otherwise, you can either enlist the aid of a real estate agent to draft an offer letter or do it yourself. Research exactly what similar properties in the region are selling for to determine a fair market value and add up any existing liens found in a title search. The offer price is usually between the market value and all existing debts plus repair expenses.

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Guest Groups: Letter Writing in Modern Style

Sitting down to write a new letter is one of my favorite things to do. At the end of the practice, I have had the opportunity to spend a quiet moment by myself, and now I have all the joy of knowing that I have created something unexpected for somebody else. Here is a group of accessories for developing a letter-writing nook for whenever the mood strikes. — Erin out of Reading My Tea Leaves

Hello Tenfold

Hey! Note Card, Single – $4

Not all events call for a long letter. Sometimes a sweet note is going to do. I adore these cards out of Hello Tenfold.

Schoolhouse Electric

Princeton Adjustable Desk Lamp – $229

Letter writing is frequently simpler with only a little bit of focused light. I enjoy this lamp because of its simple layout and traditional form.

Kaufmann Mercantile

Leather Pen Case – $104

If I need to take my letter writing on the move, a simple leather pouch for pencils and pens is always what I’m after.


Oslo Writing Desk by Studio Moe – $875

This writing desk made from sustainably harvested ash would be perfect for a place where space is limited. I love the clean lines and mild end.


Modern Desk Organizer by The Design Pallet – $45

I like to get all my writing implements . This hardy organizer created from reclaimed lumber would do just the trick.

Old Faithful Shop

Carrière Lavender Candle – $51.99

Even though a candle is not a necessary part of letter writing, a sweet scent and a hot glow always help me along. These soy candles out of Carrière Frères Industrie are incredible.

Barneys New York

Arte & Cuoio Leather Desk Blotter

It’s an old-fashioned type of matter, but the sensation of hand writing a letter on a leather desk blotter can not be beat.

Brook Farm General Store

Straw Wastepaper Basket – $59

Not every epistle will come out perfectly the first time. I would use this basket as a spot to store lost drafts on their way to the recycle bin.

Father Rabbit

Wood Memo Clipboard

I sometimes like to write letters in areas other than my desk. Whether I’m curled up on the couch or sitting on a park bench, having a simple wooden clipboard makes it a far more enjoyable experience.


The Spanish Chair – CAD 3,950

This leather chair has armrests so broad I can envision crafting a letter using one of these as a writing surface.


XO + Hello Wax Seals – $16

I love wax seals, but I make a mess whilst using them. These seals are self adhesive — easy peasy.

Hickoree’s Hard Goods

Tombow Pencils – $19

I love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, and I especially love that they let me erase any pesky spelling mistakes!


Personalized Letterpress Stationery Boxed Set by Honizukle Press – $30

I think I would be compelled to write more letters if I had my own letterpress stationery at the ready. I love the white on white of this collection.


Par Avion Rubber Stamp by Hunter’s Hideaway – $18.95

While I compose letters to individuals abroad, I like to add just a little reminder to the postal company to speed up things.

Schoolhouse Electric

Standard Steel & Oak Dining and Office Chair – $325

For minutes when I actually must focus, sitting upright at a desk helps me concentrate. This simple chair would be the perfect place to perch.


Bear Personalized Letterpress Stationery for Kids by In Haus Press – $125

This stationery might be created for kids, but I would quite enjoy a personalized set for myself.


Postcup by Bailey Doesn’t Bark – $52

I enjoy a fantastic ritual, and sitting down to compose a letter with a cup of tea by my side is just one of my favorites. This Postcup seems like just the thing to accompany a letter author.


Circle Trivet – $10

While I usually opt for tiny versions of things, this oversized coaster is fantastic for a large cup of tea.

Kaufmann Mercantile

Caran D’Ache Ecridor Fountain Pen – $245

If I’m going to tackle a brand new letter, I want to do it in style. No pharmacy ballpoints for me just a fountain pen will do.


Ceramic Cup by Fashioned From $25

I like the form of this catchall. It would be perfect for erasers, clips and even a roll of postage stamps.

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Guest Picks: Finely Crafted Wood Kitchen Accessories

My father works with timber, and I really like to keep a number of his creations around the home as a reminder of his workmanship. Not everyone is able to gather family-made creations, but tons of individuals tell me that wooden objects are the items they cherish the most in their own kitchen. Yes, sometimes they are a splurge, but the subsequent wood kitchen accessories will last a life and increasingly your own wood heritage. — Marie out of Food Nouveau

West Elm

Olive Wood Salt Mill – $29

If you love collecting sea salts, a mill is an absolute must. I like that this one is made from olive wood. It reminds me of the Mediterranean where so many amazing salts come from.


Tongs – $4

Tongs are likely my most-used kitchen accessory. I have several pairs to make sure I always have one available once I need it. As a change in the normal stainless style, I really like those bamboo tongs. I am reminded by them of chopsticks.


Saal Wood Big Candleholder – $29.95

A gorgeous dining table simply must feature candles. These column candleholders are certain to make a statement, and you may brag that they are sustainable also. They’re made of recycled saal wood reclaimed from old Indian railroad ties.

Brook Farm General Store

Olivewood Salt & Pepper Shakers – $36

I feel like such river stone salt and pepper shakers would make for the ideal hostess gift. They’re as beautiful as they are useful.


Two-Toned Wood Spreaders – $18

Dipped halfway in white paint, these teak spreaders would be the ideal complement to some cheese and pâté plate.


‘Lotus’ Tea Waitress – EUR 6.90

I find that amazing serving strands make all the difference in a kitchen. This spoon is excellent for measuring salt or tea, and the timber used to split the spoon has never been treated with substances.

Brook Farm General Store

Teak Cutlery Set – $55

Make these your special-occasion cutlery. Made of teak, the delicate, round grips are oiled for a modern, minimalist appearance.


Teak Honey Jar – $38

I have always found that honey jars have something intimate about them. Wouldn’t moving store-bought honey to your own heirloom jar give you the impression that you’re in absolute control of your own life? If I were ever to try it, I’d use this super adorable jar. I just adore that rope handle.

Pigeon Toe

Banded Wood Coasters – $96

I have a soft spot for things made from salvaged wood. I feel like it gives objects a deeper meaning. These walnut coasters will decorate any coffee table and get better looking with age.


Breadbasket – EUR 34

My mother has several breadbaskets, but I feel as though they’re a bit of an old-fashioned custom. But when I watched this one, I believed I’d happily use it instead of merely throwing bread in a normal ceramic bowl. It may double as a small serving tray also.


Salad Bowls, New Style – $22

Wooden salad bowls are quintessential in almost any kitchen, classic or modern. My mother has had hers for over 25 decades, and they seem just like these! These bamboo bowls are amazing, and contrary to what you may think, they do not absorb odors and are extremely simple to clean.

Contemporary Serving Utensils – $35

These striking bowls are carved by hand from mango wood, which makes every one completely unique. I really like the live edge of tree bark around the rim that adds to its rustic beauty.


Boos Cherrywood End-Grain Cutting Block – $129.95

Every cook needs a quality butcher block. Invest in one and it’ll last you a life. This 3-inch thick one, made in the united states from sustainably harvested solid cherrywood, makes a gorgeous and enduring addition to the kitchen.


Acacia Dish Rack – $49.95

This is another classic. It’s not necessary to dry the dishes when you have such a handy and gorgeous dish rack sitting by the sink in any way times. I really like the darker colour of acacia wood that makes this kind of grown-up version of the classic $5 stand that that everyone appears to have owned at some stage in their young-adult life.

West Elm

Wood Trencher Plates, Set of 2 – $44

If I had been a caterer, I’d stock up on those to serve beers in a very special and one of a kind way. The plates are made from reclaimed oak and finished in olive oil, and their layout is excellent for serving canapés. Flip them and they get small cutting boards.

West Elm

Raw Wood Placemat – $24

Use these wooden placemats to warm up any table. They’re absolutely striking utilized above a linen tablecloth. Have them monogrammed for an extra-special gift idea.


Teardrop Serving Boards – $80

I really like the shapes and contrasting colors of this set of chopping boards. Each board is hand shaped, sanded and treated with a blend of beeswax and food-safe mineral oil. They’re fantastic for serving cheese, canapés or mignardises.


Coasters – EUR 52.20

These coasters (do you think they are coasters?) Are elegant enough to be hung on the wall. They’re an ideal gift for that person in your list that appears to have everything.


Wood Lemon Reamer – $9.95

Almost everyone that sees me using a lemon reamer asks me, “Is that actually useful?” I tell you, being the citrus lover that I’m, I can’t live without one. They make juicing quick, keep your palms mostly dry and, above all, allow you to extract every last bit of juice from every citrus half. Wipe it under running water after every use, and it’ll keep for a long time.

West Elm

Wooden Wine Rack

Show off your best wine bottles down or across! These interlocking acacia wine racks can also be easily stackable, so you are able to gather them as your wine collection grows.

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Guest Groups: Corral Kitchen Utensils in Style

Though some people today enjoy needing only 1 shot to get the ball straight from the tee to the cup on the green, others prefer to make their movement in the kitchen. Both, however, want some way to maintain their items organized: Golfers have their caddies, and kitchens have utensil caddies. Utensil caddies can, and should, be fun, inviting and easily incorporated to the kitchen decor. — Chris from Mele Cotte


Heirloom Flatware Caddy – $24.99

This Heirloom caddy presents flatware in a booked, elegant manner.


Blakely 36 Piece Flatware Set w/Caddies – $79.99

The cutlery pressed in each ceramic caddy adds style to a stereotypically ordinary container. The plan promotes organization as well.


Endurance Precision Pierced Tool Caddy – $21.95

This caddy that is compartmentalized will pair with stainless steel appliances.


Ball Jar Big Kitchen Utensil Caddy by Living Sew Beautiful – $132

Who said plantations are reserved for jams and pickling? This Ball Jar caddy brings it all home.


Picnic Plus Decka Utensil Caddy, Houndstooth – $22.22

Who doesn’t enjoy a checkered picnic blanket on a warm summer day? But if you are not an outdoorsy type of person, then you can bring the picnic interior with this houndstooth utensil caddy.


Flatware Caddy, Frosted White – $23.97

The frosted compartments in this caddy create a slick, cool and modern appearance.


Wood Silverware Caddy by Sawdusted – $59.95

Bring a certain je ne sais quoi to a own kitchen using a French bistro caddy.


Weathered Wood Garden Utensil Caddy – $49

Simple and rustic, this caddy will be welcomed by the significant other people who might be “meat ‘n’ potatoes” types of people.

Pottery Barn

All-Weather Wicker Flatware Caddy – $26.50

Wicker isn’t only for furniture anymore.

Pottery Barn

Pig Flatware Caddy – $79

Pork, the other white meat, is also a place to hold the utensils used to cook it!

Bed Bath & Beyond

Spinning Wire Utensil Holder – $19.99

You spin me right ’round baby, right ’round, like a spinning utensil holder baby, right ’round, ’round, ’round. You understand you are now humming that old ’80s pop hit — acknowledge it!


Kitchen Caddy Utensil Holder by 100cards

This vintage kitchen utensil caddy is obviously retro, especially with the note, “Handmade by Sharon Brown 1978” on its base.


ICD Retro Classic Champagne/Cream Kitchen Utensil Holder – GBP 12.95

Simple, clean and retro, this utensil holder belongs on my counter tops.


Industrial Utensil Holder, Sea Green, Upcycled Metal by Paula Art – $15

This caddy is made of a repurposed metal pipe — a little DIY becomes a chic decor!


Nuance Serving Utensil Kitchen Tool Holder in White – $24.95

Sleek and unobtrusive, this small caddy will maintain a kitchen honest.

Switch Modern

Alessi Nuvem Cutlery Holder – $41

Architecture isn’t only for buildings. This wired caddy brings architectural panache to a room.

Le Creuset 2.75 Quart Utensil Crock, Marseille – $29.95

You didn’t believe Le Creuset would stop cast iron pans and stoneware dutch ovens, did you?


Grundtal Cutlery Caddy – $5.99

Ikea knows how to use space. This wall-mounted caddy frees up the counter. It can hang on a railway or connect directly to your wall.

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How to Prevent Birds From Building a Nest in an External Light Fixture

Birds’ nests in parks or even on roads can be heralds of spring, but when birds take up residence on your light fixtures, they get messy, noisy pests. Federal law prohibits bothering them, once there are eggs in the nest — After you notice birds building a nest on your outdoor lighting, do it. A number of products that are humanist are available without harming the birds to control bird problems. Until you find the one which works best on your 15, experiment with different items.

Install bird netting over the top of this fixture to obstruct the birds’ access to it. Pick a netting which is nonflammable and safe to use around bulbs. Beware the netting is set up so that it does not entangle birds. Try another method, if you can not use netting on your fixture.

Hide a ultra-sonic or sonic bird repeller close to the light fixture. Because you’re protecting a comparatively small place, a device that is low-range ought to be sufficient. Ultra-sonic products aren’t audible to humans. Choose one so it goes away when the birds approach, if you use a sonic device.

Hang visual deterrents, close to the fixture, such as fake snakes owls or iridescent tape. The birds frighten away, and they’re especially powerful when coupled with ultra-sonic or sonic devices. You might have to move the visual deterrent every few days so that the birds don’t learn it isn’t a danger.

A surface repeller into the light fixture. These include bird endings, which make it impossible for birds to land on a surface; and dyes and dyes, which have an unpleasant taste or odor into birds. Should you use a spray or gel, make certain until you apply it, it is nonflammable, nontoxic and safe to use nearby light bulbs.

Eliminate a nest that is partially-built by hand. Disassemble the nest several times and you might have to return, but the birds will eventually give up and move on to some other location. When the nest is fully built and contains eggsit is illegal to interfere with this.

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Flood Insurance Questions & Answers

Homeowners who live in proximity to some seacoast or from river floodplains are able to take advantage of this National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which offers low-cost coverage that is sold through private insurance companies. The high cost of flood damage prompted the passing of this program by Congress in 1968. The program was meant to mitigate the public cost of cleanup in areas declared disaster areas, but it has also raised controversy, as it has encouraged extensive brand new building in hazardous areas which remain vulnerable to storm surges and flooding.

Does Flood Insurance Cover Structure and Contents?

Flood insurance specifically covers the dwelling construction, not extraneous items such as decks, outside fixtures or furniture, piers, seawalls or landscaping characteristics of the home. Contents insurance is available, but has to be bought individually. Homeowners’ insurance policies don’t contain flood coverage; this insurance coverage has to be bought individually.

What’s the Deductible Amount?

The allowable amount of national flood insurance varies with the cost of this policy elected. Deductibles start at a minimum of $500 and operate around $5,000, for construction as well as for contents.

Is Flood Insurance Required by Federal Law?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has mapped out Special Flood Hazard Areas, which are flood-prone zones where all new development must comply with local building ordinances, and where insurable structures which are bought with secured loans, or built with the aid of federal money or investment, has to carry national flood insurance. Contact FEMA for a copy of this SFHA map covering the area where you live.

When Can I Purchase Flood Insurance?

You are able to make an application for national flood insurance at any given moment, but there is a 30-day waiting period after you have signed and begun paying premiums to the policy before the policy is considered to be in effect.

What Are the Coverage Limits?

Coverage limits for national flood insurance currently stand at $250,000 for residential properties and $500,000 for commercial properties; those constraints comprise around 10 percent policy for a detached garage, which in combination with the principal building cannot exceed the residential or commercial limitation. The limits on materials are 100,000 for residential properties and $500,000 for commercial. Some insurance companies provide Excess Flood Protection that exceeds these policies.

How Do I File a Claim?

You must submit a Proof of Loss, which the adjustor (who’s an independent contractor) can prepare you as a courtesy. This document has to carry damages estimated from the qualified adjustor assigned to a case, and be filed within 60 days of the damage really occurring into the insurance carrier which issued the policy.

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