Clipped Gable Roofs Extend Exterior Style

As I’ve grown older, I’ve become far more observant of landscaping, architecture and the weather. I’ve learned about traditional architectural details like clipped gable roofs, and to never leave home without a umbrella.

A clipped gable roof, also referred to as a jerkinhead roof, is a flattened version of a standard gable roof. Rather than rising to a point, the gable is cut off and seems to incline down. The distinguishing feature not only adds visual intrigue to home exteriors but reduces end force on facades.

Donald A. Gardner Architects

Gable roofs are a exterior characteristic of bungalow and Craftsman houses. This Craftsman features clipped gables, board and batten shutters, a weather vane and square-tapered columns.

John Prindle

Rather than rising to points, this home’s gables are clipped short and appear to turn downward.

Allan Edwards Builder Inc

This Houston home exudes rustic style with trimmed gable roofs, balconies on the upper stories and combination-style shutters.

Mark Brand Architecture

Both this pool home and the chief home feature trimmed gable roofs with decorated knee braces.

Dale Browne

Clipped gables along with a shed dormer add visual interest to front elevation of this Utah home.

Stonewood, LLC

Siding is a great way to differentiate a clipped gable from the remainder of a home’s exterior.

Greenside Design Build LLC

Substantial overhanging eaves, trimmed gables and square-tapered columns add Craftsman flair to this Illinois residence.

Forum Phi Architecture | Interiors | Planning

This coastal Massachusetts home smartly offers a clipped gable. A trimmed gable reduces end force where it is at its best on a gable design — at the peak.

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