Guest Picks: Stock a Playroom With Stylish Toys

With so many beautiful, well-designed toys and amusements out there, it is difficult to justify Tickle Me Elmo. After all, even if you’re going to have lively objects strewn about, why not make them attractive? Here are 20 picks for a stylish playroom that you and your children will enjoy. — Stephanie from Stephmodo

Brinca Dada

Kaleidos – $55

If there were an award for prettiest toy, then it would go to this one. It is such a wonderful way to flaunt a passion for color and color theory at home. Designed with a renowned performer and education pro, this colorful set is an excellent addition to the Brinca Dada collection.


Duktig Mini-Kitchen | IKEA – $99.99

May I introduce you to my beloved contemporary, well-priced play kitchen? Plus it comes for under $100! The cooker even lights up with the inclusion of a few batteries. It is a true keeper.

Uncle Goose

French ABC Blocks – $39

Alphabet blocks are the timeless toy which no playroom can do without. If a second language is spoken in your home, these would be the perfect blocks to use for learning words and letters. I was amazed at how many languages can be found: Arabic, Polish, German, Danish, Cherokee, Greek, Maori, Korean, etc..


Colorful and eclectic, this whimsical playroom is filled with classic and vintage-inspired toys. The retro wooden kitchen is a favorite of mine.

Brinca Dada

Parachutists – $29

Good clean fun is in store for your children (most likely boys), especially in the event that you’ve got a second story landing that is just begging to be utilised in a suitable way.


Ekorre Toddle Wagon/Walker, Light Blue – $19.99

Your toddler will feel like a big kid pushing about that wooden walker. It is such a fine find, and the price line is exceptional.

Brinca Dada

Zoe House – $169

Who needs a Barbie house when this stunning dollhouse is out there? In reality, all the dollhouses by this brand are perfect for the design enthusiast.

Produits France

Wooden Fox out of France – GBP 12.41

This is the sweetest pull toy around. Oh my goodness, my kids and I can’t get enough of those French toys.

Hella Slingshots

Neon Yellow & Natural Slingshot – $30

This is absolutely an outdoor toy, but consider storing it indoors, propped up against other toys on a contemporary shelf or hung on the wall. It is just so damn attractive — which neon! It’d be a pity to tuck those slingshots away.

Brinca Dada

Blocks, Walnut – $89

Some toys, such as these stunning walnut blocks by Brinca Dada, just aren’t meant to be pieced together perfectly. Certain children (and adults), will love a more spontaneous building session — one which looks different every single time. I also just think that they are downright gorgeous.


Manhattan Toy Beads Wood Rattle, Classic – $11.50

All these are so pretty that you won’t mind when they’re left out. In reality, you may even encourage it.


Playsam Dollhouse – EUR 95

My heart went pitter-patter once I spotted this sweet but contemporary dollhouse. It’s a delightful addition to any little girl’s world. When unused, only store the furniture and dolls inside the house, and then turn it around so that only the blank side is observable.

Plain Mary

Pinkberry Mini Suitcases Nested Set – $24.99

Use suitcases for storage or to get dress-up. Either way, it is a fantastic move, as these are not only beautifully made, but inexpensive too.


I love the fun mix of colour and timeless toys (such as the wooden horse and Pinocchio) in this playroom. Colorful baskets and suitcases function as storage for toys that are smaller.


Wooden Toy Skittles Bowling Game by Little Alouette – $25

I’m always on the hunt for intelligent, classic toys which may keep the kids amused for extended periods of time (especially in the winter months when the park isn’t a choice). This wooden bowling match stole my and my kids’ hearts quickly. You will be amazed at just how inexpensive it’s too. In reality, everything over at Little Alouette is top notch.


Måla Easel – $14.99

This timeless easel is a really wonderful addition to a contemporary playroom. It is nice to have a variety of toys, and this one adds height and vertical interest.


This is a fun way to organize toys in order that seeing guests and small children (who cannot read) know where to put everything.


Balancing Blocks – $48

Produce your own Stonehenge with all these hand-painted sculptural balancing cubes from Areaware.


Navy and White Horizontal Stripe Tent and Mat by The Teepee Guy – $180

When you wear stripes almost daily, it appears only natural to consider a striped tepee for your playroom. Joyful and vivid, this implies immediate happiness for everybody within its walls.

Kinetic Creatures

Geno that the Giraffe – $49.95

It is surely a toy (and I expect your children use it as such), but this giraffe will look awfully sculptural on the shelf too. I strongly recommend keeping this one in full view at all times, as it provides a fun look to some drama space.

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