How to Estimate the Cost of Wood Blinds

Installing wood blinds could instantly update the appearance of a home, improve privacy, and enhance energy efficiency by preventing light. Wood blinds come in a large number of colours — with colors ranging from dark walnut to brownish chestnut to golden walnut — which will match any decor scheme, vintage, whether modern or rustic. Homeowners can gauge the cost of adding wood blinds.

Determine Quantity and End

By deciding in the event that you would like to install wood blinds in each room in your home or just on windows or in certain rooms calculate quantity. What to consider are whether you need cordless blinds, and if you would like to install coordinating valances over windows. You will need to settle on a slat dimensions for those blinds; 2 inches is the most frequent. Selecting wood blinds with features such as valances or slats that are bigger will increase costs.

Quantify for Inside-Mount Wood Blinds

At bottom, middle and the top to the closest 1/8 inch, assess the diameter of the window frame for blinds mounted within the window frame, and write down the width for your measurement. Calculate the height by measuring from the surface of the inside window frame — in the left, middle and right — down to the bottom, and write down the longest measurement, deducting 1/4 inch should you prefer the blinds don’t touch the window sill. Avoid confusion and maintain calculations organized by writing the name of every room — such as”Dining Room” or”Upstairs Bedroom” — above the corresponding window dimensions.

Quantify for Outside-Mount Wood Blinds

Where you want the blinds to expand beyond the sides of the window, for blinds find the width by measuring to the nearest eighth of an inch. Step 1 to 3 inches beyond the surfaces of the window to get optimal light blockage. Calculate the height by measuring from above the surface of the window — typically 1 to 3 inches above the window frame — down to the window sill.

Estimate Costs

As of the time of publication, the cost per blind could range from about $42 to as large as about $200, depending on the brand, colour and size, and the average cost for a professional contractor to install blinds ranges from around $140 to $225 per blind. Professional installation contains the cost of labour the blind and supplies. Homeowners may choose to install the blinds themselves to save on labor expenditures. Phone or visit hardware stores and compare the prices of installed or wooden blinds to get the cost whether self-installed.

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