How to Prevent Birds From Building a Nest in an External Light Fixture

Birds’ nests in parks or even on roads can be heralds of spring, but when birds take up residence on your light fixtures, they get messy, noisy pests. Federal law prohibits bothering them, once there are eggs in the nest — After you notice birds building a nest on your outdoor lighting, do it. A number of products that are humanist are available without harming the birds to control bird problems. Until you find the one which works best on your 15, experiment with different items.

Install bird netting over the top of this fixture to obstruct the birds’ access to it. Pick a netting which is nonflammable and safe to use around bulbs. Beware the netting is set up so that it does not entangle birds. Try another method, if you can not use netting on your fixture.

Hide a ultra-sonic or sonic bird repeller close to the light fixture. Because you’re protecting a comparatively small place, a device that is low-range ought to be sufficient. Ultra-sonic products aren’t audible to humans. Choose one so it goes away when the birds approach, if you use a sonic device.

Hang visual deterrents, close to the fixture, such as fake snakes owls or iridescent tape. The birds frighten away, and they’re especially powerful when coupled with ultra-sonic or sonic devices. You might have to move the visual deterrent every few days so that the birds don’t learn it isn’t a danger.

A surface repeller into the light fixture. These include bird endings, which make it impossible for birds to land on a surface; and dyes and dyes, which have an unpleasant taste or odor into birds. Should you use a spray or gel, make certain until you apply it, it is nonflammable, nontoxic and safe to use nearby light bulbs.

Eliminate a nest that is partially-built by hand. Disassemble the nest several times and you might have to return, but the birds will eventually give up and move on to some other location. When the nest is fully built and contains eggsit is illegal to interfere with this.

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