How to Qualify for an FHA Backed Loan

Established in 1934, the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) has made it possible for millions of Americans to purchase homes. The FHA does not loan money. Instead, the agency offers mortgage insurance for homebuyers who have had past issues with credit or who have limited financial resources. If you meet the requirements for FHA financing, the mortgage insurance you purchase reduces a creditor ’s danger. This makes the lender prepared to finance your house purchase.

Make payments. You should have no more than a payment of 30 days or more delinquent in the previous two decades (preferably none). If you lease or have an existing mortgage, then make these payments in time for at least a year before applying for FHA financing. The FHA is adaptable in regards to your credit score up to some point. In case you’ve got a score below 580, you might not be in a position to qualify or you might need to come up with a deposit of at least 10% of the cost of the house.

Expect to wait for a while when you’ve got a recent bankruptcy or foreclosure on your credit history. As a general rule, you can’t be eligible for an FHA backed loan for two years after a bankruptcy and for three years after a foreclosure.

Establish a stable employment and income history. You ought to have a steady income for the previous two decades. Ideally, your main employment ought to be using one company. Your income ought to be level over the two decades or have improved during that time. Be prepared to document your employment with your employer’s contact info or with pay stubs, W2 forms and copies of your tax returns. If you’re self-employed you may need your tax returns for the previous three decades, plus an up-to-date gain and loss statement.

Pick a property within your way. The FHA requires that your mortgage payment be less than 30 percent of your gross (pre-tax) income. Be sure to include and document all sources of family income, not just salary from your principal job.

Get in touch with an approved FHA lender. If you aren’t sure how to find a creditor, you can use the FHA online lender list search facility in It’s a fantastic idea to speak with a lender before you start the application procedure together with the FHA. Most will be eager to answer questions and help you with the application procedure.

Obtain the FHA application package, which will be accessible online at or by FHA-approved lenders. Complete the application forms and submit them into the FHA together with all the necessary documentation.

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