Loft Beds Give Rooms a Lift

Getting your bed up in the atmosphere can be space saving and utilitarian, but it could also be fun. There’s something cool and somewhat playful about loft spaces. They feel private and tucked away, even when they are airy and light. And they often have the added benefit of creating an area for sleeping just — no desks, no closets, just a nice big bed and some peace and quiet.

Here are 15 examples of lofts for grown-ups (forget that the bunk beds). Some are modest, space-saving platforms; others are entire bedrooms hanging across the rest of the home. But they all share the exact same dynamic, out-of-the-ordinary feel. They share a sense of fun.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

This sleeping loft for guests is part of a garage in San Francisco. It overlooks the homeowner’s workplace and a little living room.

Ira Lippke

At a teeny, tiny home, there’s nothing like a loft to make the most of every inch.

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Henry Yorke Mann architect

Another little loft for another little space.

Kia Designs

Lofts don’t have to fling you sky high. This one is just high enough to make good use of space with a built-in dresser and elevate the mattress to a main place.

Lompier Interior Group

Another platform with built-in drawers. Close the simple orange curtain, and also this sleeping system feels like another room.

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

If you are going to have stairs leading up to your bed, by all means turn them .

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Butler Armsden Architects

Tucking the sleeping place into a loft is the perfect solution for a small, modern cottage. It keeps the footprint small and also the dwelling cozy.

Susan Teare, Professional Photographer

Another cute cabin loft.

Krannitz Gehl Architects

Everything about this space is designed for optimum efficiency: There’s a built-in desk beneath the stairs and a loft over the hall and the toilet. And check out this ladder — very cool.

FINNE Architects

This is more than a loft mattress. A whole lot more. This entire light-filled bedroom floats above the sitting area below, keeping up a clutter-free sleeping place.

Diego Alejandro Interior Design

This is an actual loft bedroom within an actual loft in Chelsea (Manhattan). It is completely visually private, but its walls are open to the rest of the living room. Everything in white leaves it feel cloudlike.


This very small loft bedroom opens over the tiny kitchen at a converted garage. Its outer walls are cabinets. Looking at the area from below, you would have no idea it was there.

Koch Architects, Inc.. Joanne Koch

A backyard guest cabin. Why just offer them a bed and bath when you’re able to put the bedroom at the rafters and give them a kitchen also?

Stuart Design Studio

A loft doesn’t have to house a mattress. This library in the sky is a gorgeous use of this high ceilings and little floor space.

Because humans aren’t only ones who like a high perch.

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