Loft Beds Give Rooms a Lift

Getting your bed up in the atmosphere can be space saving and utilitarian, but it could also be fun. There’s something cool and somewhat playful about loft spaces. They feel private and tucked away, even when they are airy and light. And they often have the added benefit of creating an area for sleeping just — no desks, no closets, just a nice big bed and some peace and quiet.

Here are 15 examples of lofts for grown-ups (forget that the bunk beds). Some are modest, space-saving platforms; others are entire bedrooms hanging across the rest of the home. But they all share the exact same dynamic, out-of-the-ordinary feel. They share a sense of fun.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

This sleeping loft for guests is part of a garage in San Francisco. It overlooks the homeowner’s workplace and a little living room.

Ira Lippke

At a teeny, tiny home, there’s nothing like a loft to make the most of every inch.

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Henry Yorke Mann architect

Another little loft for another little space.

Kia Designs

Lofts don’t have to fling you sky high. This one is just high enough to make good use of space with a built-in dresser and elevate the mattress to a main place.

Lompier Interior Group

Another platform with built-in drawers. Close the simple orange curtain, and also this sleeping system feels like another room.

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

If you are going to have stairs leading up to your bed, by all means turn them .

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Butler Armsden Architects

Tucking the sleeping place into a loft is the perfect solution for a small, modern cottage. It keeps the footprint small and also the dwelling cozy.

Susan Teare, Professional Photographer

Another cute cabin loft.

Krannitz Gehl Architects

Everything about this space is designed for optimum efficiency: There’s a built-in desk beneath the stairs and a loft over the hall and the toilet. And check out this ladder — very cool.

FINNE Architects

This is more than a loft mattress. A whole lot more. This entire light-filled bedroom floats above the sitting area below, keeping up a clutter-free sleeping place.

Diego Alejandro Interior Design

This is an actual loft bedroom within an actual loft in Chelsea (Manhattan). It is completely visually private, but its walls are open to the rest of the living room. Everything in white leaves it feel cloudlike.


This very small loft bedroom opens over the tiny kitchen at a converted garage. Its outer walls are cabinets. Looking at the area from below, you would have no idea it was there.

Koch Architects, Inc.. Joanne Koch

A backyard guest cabin. Why just offer them a bed and bath when you’re able to put the bedroom at the rafters and give them a kitchen also?

Stuart Design Studio

A loft doesn’t have to house a mattress. This library in the sky is a gorgeous use of this high ceilings and little floor space.

Because humans aren’t only ones who like a high perch.

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Kids’ Bedrooms: Amp Up the Playfulness

Thinking about redoing your kid’s bedroom? Then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and have a little fun. You might not feel as if you can cut loose in many of your home’s rooms, however your kid’s bedroom is a place that can be as inviting and comfortable as it is spunky, playful and creatively inspiring. Get your thoughts rolling with some of those pictures and thoughts, and then gear up to make a space where your kid can be a kid.

Michael Fullen Design Group

Boost the picture appeal. There could possibly be no TV watching in your child’s bedroom, but other than that, decor principles are slim, so get your pattern on. Choose funky, colorful prints and mix them together with neutral patterns to make a balanced look that screams delight.

Amy Lau Design

All hail the stripes. Bright and colorful horizontal stripes will make your kid’s bedroom appear larger and make an energetic background for his or her furnishings. Place off with vibrant fabrics and patterns in similar and complementary colours to make the most of the look.

Cary Bernstein Architect

Make space for a life-size chalkboard. It provides the perfect outlet for constant creative expression while also being easy to wash. Try finding a vintage chalkboard on wheels for an unexpected bedroom accessory, or paint a whole wall with chalkboard paint.

Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc)

Proceed for the comfy canopy. Let your child’s imagination run wild beneath a dreamy canopy bed. For an extra style punch, select a bold color this like royal purple.

Grace Blu Designs, Inc..

Personalize the walls. Not every area can get away with colorful circles around the wall, but your kid’s bedroom can. This can be a simple DIY job you and your child do together: Use circular stencils to outline the form and fill them with whatever colour you select.

Watch how to use a pizza box for a wall stencil

Cristi Holcombe Interiors

Get the ceiling on the action. Give your kid something inspiring to look at while she is daydreaming her summer afternoons away. These yellowish stripes give the space a cabana feel that pops off the mattress shams that are magenta.

RLH Studio

Get the ceilings AND the walls on the action. Why stop at the top? Amp both the ceiling and your walls with painted murals or colorful wallpaper. The space will feel like an imaginative escape.

Be”trendy” around storage. Your son or daughter will be the hippest kid on the block using repurposed lockers as storage. Perhaps it will even inspire him to wash up? An individual can hope!

Erika Ward – Erika Ward Interiors

Go for colorful pattern on the headboard. Headboards would be the perfect spot to bring an extra dose of vibrant style. A pattern similar to this one can easily evolve along with different looks as your child gets older.

Bellisa Design

Take the bed skirt to the next level. Texture is an important element in almost any space. Why don’t you slip it into your child’s space in an expressive way via a ruffled, magenta bed skirt? Its fun frills are a playful juxtaposition from the wrought iron bed.

Lakeitha Duncan

Repurpose the closet. If storage is not an issue, wash out the closet for extra play space. Every kid likes his own little distinctive location he can call all his own.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Cover a wall using an oversize picture. Whether it is of a dreamy beach scene, a favorite sports team or Hannah Montana, a giant photo might provide inspirational vision your little one will love.

Go bold with all the walls. Pink walls? Why not! Balance it with furnishings that are neutral, and enhance the fun with wall stickers or painted details.

Bellisa Design

Get whimsical with a oversize valance. This window therapy makes the space feel like a princess fairyland. A escape!

Stephanie Lake, PhD

Get exceptional with chairs. Any area can come with a regular seat, but a swinging chair is sudden and fun, especially with green paint as an accent.

Alexander Johnson Photography

Make the most of the floor space. Looking for a spot to infuse some color? Sneak it in using a playful, color-blocked rug made of carpet tiles. It visually excite the space (and help hide the inevitable stains).

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