Peat Moss Vs. Paper Vermicompost

Worm composting, or vermicomposting, enables one to recycle your kitchen waste with no need to get a big outside compost pile into a soil modification. A worm bin will fit right into a cupboard or closet, making it a great option for condo gardeners and occupies minimum space. Worms need bedding as they eat up the kitchen scraps to reside in. Deciding between the two well-known options, peat and paper, demands understanding of the worms’ needs.

Cost and Availability

Peat moss bedding is more costly than paper. It is harvested from slow-developing peat bogs in restricted quantities, which raises its price. As it is possible to recycle paper you currently have on hand, paper is reduced to no expense. Computer paper and newspaper perform properly, even though you are unable to use these printed with coloured ink or shiny papers. Peat moss comes in in the garden center in bags or bricks. Use a medium- free peat in bagged or brick form. The mats offered for flower-pots that are lining will not perform as worm bedding.


Minimum planning is required by paper. Shred it in to 1-inch strips, moisten it carefully and after that fill the box that is vermi compost loosely using the bedding that is ensuing. Peat features a high-acid content that may harm or destroy the worms if not pre-treated. Soak the peat over-night and wring the water out. This minimizes problems in the bin and leeches some acidity in the peat. To help minimize issues that are acid, mix the peat with the equal quantity of paper.

Moisture Retention

Both paper and peat keep moisture. Worms can eat up the paper as the food scraps in the worm mattress as well as the prey on it, ultimately turning equally into compost. Peat does not compact, while paper might compact and need fluffing and retains moisture. One advantage of peat is that it is useful as a soil additive, so the compost can be used by you if the worms n’t however consume every one of the bedding. This can be a a small advantage, because uncomposted paper will not harm crops and finishes rapidly when added to a backyard mattress composting.

Choosing Bedding Substance

Paper gives the ideal bedding for worms when preparing, availability and price are considered. Paper is mo Re for Giving, as it will not pose an problem that could hurt the worms. Peat usually needs the addition of paper to perform nicely as bedding. Unlike paper, peat is a gradual-to- re-Source. Paper gives an option that is mo-Re sustainable compared to harvesting.

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