The best way to Connect Carpet Between Rooms

You need to connect several bits of carpet and between rooms when laying carpet in your house. Try to plan ahead by means of your carpet layout in order to lay your padding in this way that carpet seams and the padding seams do not overlap. The edges around your partitions are generally held down with carpet tack strips, but seams between rooms use seam tape to make a link that was almost invisible.

Overlap the two carpet edges by 2″ across the doorway between your rooms. The seam cut should follow the path of the doorway. Do not lay a seam between rooms.

Determine the specific place for the seam or the middle of the doorway. Snap a chalk line that is white down the most effective layer of carpet over the seam area.

A straight-line through both parts of carpet -back carpet cutter or a sharp utility knife. Remove the extra carpet from both levels.

Apply a bead of latex seam sealer the backing on every edge of the carpet over to be seamed. This sealer produces a finished edge on the backing, maintaining it from coming free in the seam tape and fraying. Wait for the sealer.

Line the seam up cautiously to make certain your cut is. Slide the seam tape underneath the carpet, centering it between both pieces together with the adhesive side-up.

Slide the carpet seam iron and wait about 30 seconds for the iron. Slide the iron ahead about one foot to start heating the location of adhesive. Pull the edges of the carpet supporting the iron as you slide the iron ahead and press them onto the adhesive that is the new.

Continue sliding the iron ahead and pressing the seam together before the whole seam supporting the iron is full. Allow the seam before strolling onto it to set.

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