The best way to Determine the Size of a Window Screen

Window screens consist of mesh created with artificial fibers like polyester or plastic, fiber glass or aluminum wire. The dimensions of the mesh refers to the amount of areas that exist inside a square-inch of the materials that is woven. Different kinds of window screens are utilized to get a selection reasons; for instance screens are employed to keep small insects like gnats out. Solar insect screens not only keep bugs out, but mirror sun and solar warmth light to from entering your residence during summer months, to to dam up to 90-percent of heat and sunlight.


Cut a 1 inch-by-1 inch square from the middle of a piece of paper to make a counting template that is. Counting the amount of openings it’s per-square inch determines the mesh size. The paper-cut out will help you keep an eye on the line of openings as they are counted by you. Align the edges of the cut using wires that type vertical and horizontal lines in the mesh or the warp. Hold the paper in position on the window display with tape.


The amount of small square openings created across in the top corner up to to the very best right corner. This can be the first amount of the mesh dimension known as basis or the warp of the mesh. Count the amount of small openings in a straight line in the top left corner down to the bottom-left corner. This can be the 2nd amount of the mesh dimensions, known as width or the fill of the mesh. Both of these dimensions will be the dimension of the mesh. For instance, 18 warp openings and 16 fill openings signifies the window display mesh size is 18-by-16, which can be written as “18×16” around the display packaging.


The diameter of mesh dimensions refers to the diameter or width of the wire or threads of the mesh. Use electronic calipers to calculate the diameter of threads or the wires of the window display. Set the caliper jaws within the display mesh and near a reading to be taken by them and discover the diameter of the mesh. There are wire fabric or mesh calculators obtainable on the web that you could use to seek out the wire-mesh diameter, should you not not need electronic calipers.

Screen Choice

Some window display meshes are coated or laminated using a layer of plastic, producing them mo-Re tough to inquisitive kids palms or encounters with paws pressing to them. The window display mesh that is common is 18-by-16 and produced from aluminum or fiberglass. Porch, patio or pool-side screens have a mesh dimensions of 18-by-1-4. The the tiniest sized mesh is 2-by-2-0; the mesh enables for ventilation while nonetheless retaining out bugs that are small.

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