The best way to Fasten Conduit to Walls

Conduit is a specific form of tube used to include electric cables when they can be installed across a space, like in a house. They prevent individuals from being hurt by shocks and shield the cables from harm. Conduit may be steel or plastic, with the majority of household electrical conduit being slim wall EMT (electric metallic tube). Conduit for low voltage appliances like satellite or cable TV wiring is called raceways.

Lay out the route of the conduit using a pencil. Indicate a place to to add a wall strap connector about an inch from where the conduit enters or leaves any outlet box. Mark places to include connections about every five-feet for a drawn-out run, and every two feet to get a short-run, including so or 10 feet raceways.

Attach to the outlet containers and use duck tape to while it’s being installed to to keep it in place from the wall.

Put the strap across the conduit where the screw enters the wall and indicate the place. Drill a hole to the concrete by means of a bit if operating with a wall and possibly make use of a screw that is concrete or beat on a sleeve to the hole to get a screw that is standard to to match. If attaching the conduit to wood or wall board, just screw the strap into position. Where you formerly marked the places continue including straps. Take away the tape.

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