The Family Home: Creative Multi-Use Workspaces

Families everywhere are leaving the traditional house office behind and opting instead for a more family-friendly imaginative area. The modern-day craft area is a place where adults and kids can congregate together, where you could pay your bills while maintaining your eye on the children along with their art jobs. In this week’s installment of The Family Home, we’ll take a peek at eight inspirational rooms, each having a tip of its own.


Select a room with great natural light. If you’ve got the option, choose the sunniest room possible for the creative workspace. Rooms with abundant natural lighting are more inviting and best suited for activities that may strain your eyes.


Embrace open shelving. It’s important to get lots of supplies available for your children’s use. Make it easy for them to access art equipment, toys and games having an cheap open shelving like this piece from IKEA. If you are not keen on seeing everything stored on the shelves, then try setting things in baskets for a tidier look.


Create activity-specific zones. If you intend to use your space for multiple activities, delegate certain places for them. By way of instance, if you like to sew, create a sewing corner. If you’ve got a child who loves to draw, then look at incorporating a drafting table along with all the necessary supplies. This will keep your space organized and also make every member of your family feel at home.

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Don’t be afraid of color. A creative area is the perfect area in your house to express your daring side. Not willing to devote to aqua walls? Try painting a storage cupboard for a nice pop of color.

Use what you’ve got. There’s no need to buy a bunch of new furniture for your creative area. Look around your house and consider pulling bits from other areas. An old necklace makes a perfect printer stand, also it can house stacks of paper, fabric and other miscellaneous art supplies.

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Be sure there are lots of work surfaces. The purpose of the room is to get the family creating together. Ensuring that everyone has a place and is comfortable should be a high priority.

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Be imaginative with all the décor. Going daring with the décor in your workspace is an opportunity to show your artistic side. Think about a family art project? It’s possible to create a look similar to this installment by having family members paint bits of white cardstock with watercolors. When you tire of the appearance, just remove it and brainstorm the next project together.


Make it comfortable. The goal is to lure every family member to want to spend time there, even when creating something isn’t the objective. Cozy seating, plush cushions and a few favorite books will lure loved ones in.

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