The way to repair the Temperature Control on a Single Handle Faucet

The temperature on your hot water heater can be as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s important to have guards in your faucets to keep you from receiving a blast of scalding water. When producers deliver this kind of shield on a single-handled faucet, it’s usually in the shape of a plastic disk that prevents the knob from turning too much in the hot direction. Some faucets have a fever limiter on the cold side too. Although tap designs vary, you can generally alter the alignment of the disk by removing the faucet handle.

Look for the screw which holds the handle into the valve stem. If you do not see one, then it may be concealed below a decorative cap. Pry the cap off with a flathead screwdriver. In addition, it can be concealed under the lever, if you’re operating at a lever-style faucet.

Unscrew the screw with a Phillips screwdriver or Allen wrench. In case you have trouble turning it, then spray lubricant on it to loosen the threads. You may strip the mind if you try to drive the screw.

Pull the handle to reveal the temperature limiter. It is usually a plastic or metallic disc using a nub or superior which catches on the grip. The disk may not be attached to anything else, and if not, you ought to be able to pull it straight off the valve. If it doesn’t come off, the producer has designed it so you could simply turn it in place.

Consult the tap manual to determine the exact method to modulate temperature. On some models, you need to rotate the disk counterclockwise to increase the fever, and on a few you have rotate it clockwise. Some disks are notched, and each notch corresponds to a stationary change in temperature, usually 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pull the disk (if it comes off), then rotate it at the proper way and replace it. If the disk in your tap is not removable, then simply turn it in the correct way to make the adjustment. There can be another limiter to modulate the cold side. If so, rotate it in the proper direction.

Replace the handle when you’re finished adjusting the temperature and then snap the cap back into place.

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