To Re-Do an Porcelain Tub

Bathtubs which can be large enough to soak in are an essential fixture in almost any bathroom. In case your home has an old porcelain bath tub that’s looking worse for wear, don’t change it. Porcelain tub refinishing requires some persistence, but it’s worth the work. Bathtub resurfacing kits are available in hardware stores and home improvement, or you’ll be able to put the parts together independently. In either case, when you complete, you’ll have a tub to unwind in that seems just like new.

Clean the bath-tub inside as well as out to remove any soap scum. Use any home cleaner with this step. Rinse the tub properly and let it air dry.

Put on rubber gloves. Scrub the whole area of the tub with a phosphate or tri-sodium phosphate -free substitute. It’s possible for you to surely find these items in a shop that sells paint. Phosphate, or TSP, assists degloss the porcelain area that is authentic. Rinse the bath-tub with water that is clear and permit it to dry.

Remove the faucet handles when they’re to the bathtub as well as the drain spout. Use a screwdriver. The tub spout by turning it counter-clockwise should twist-off. Place painter’s tape on the steel part of the drain and any other steel plumbing fixtures which you can’t remove in the tub.

Sand the whole surface of the porcelain bath tub with fine-grit sandpaper. Either sand yourself using a sanding block or use a palm sander. Remove most of the dust using a shop vacuum. Wipe the bathtub’s area using a tack cloth to remove any dirt the vacuum missed.

Cover all surfaces surrounding the bath-tub with plastic sheeting. Tape edges of the sheeting with painter’s tape to keep paint off walls and flooring.

Pour primer in to the paint pot of a commercialgrade spray painter. If you don’t own one of those items, hire one a-T a house enhancement store or rental center. They supply a spray that is consistent when compared to a household-grade spray painter. Fasten the pot to the air-compressor part of the painter.

Practice spraying the primer on the surface of an item of scrap lumber. Make passes that are horizontal with all the paintgun. Release the trigger at the conclusion of every pass to prevent over- drips and spraying.

Spray the bath-tub using a coat of primer. Allow the primer time to dry. Usually, 3 minutes is is enough, but a lengthier drying time may be required by humidity. Supply a 2nd coat of primer to the bath tub and permit it to dry at the same time.

Polyurethane enamel or epoxy acrylic paint to the paint pot. Coat the bathtub using a coat of paint. Let the paint dry. Provide a 2nd and third coat of paint, enabling the paint to dry completely between each coat to the bath-tub.

Allow the paint to remedy a-T least 4-8 hrs before re installing the plumbing fixtures. Replace the silicone caulking round the bath-tub, if essential, using a bead of caulking that is new to seal dampness from the joints where the bath tub as well as floor or walls satisfy.

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