Turn the Party Heat — the Sultry Decorating Secret Up

Light a candle, and a cold room feels instantly warmer. A poor mood improves. A lovely fragrance arises, and an alluring spectacle is set. And everything can be achieved using a single scented candle on any arbitrary night.

Place a little more effort into your candle selection and structure for a house party, and the effects can be much more striking: Everybody looks fantastic and feels sexy at the glow. Yep, even a house overrun by children, pets and squeaky toys can be transformed into a den of sultriness with the help of candles. Below are some suggestions for using candles — in the easy to the over-the-top — for a home soiree that is sultry.

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Let guests know what is in store. Line the entry and front porch with candles. Dim or remove as many electric lights as possible to allow the candles do the greeting.

Caution: Always make safety your No. 1 priority when burning candles. When there’s any doubt about security (say, children or pets are in attendance, or exposed candles on the floor could set fire to a dress or jacket), substitute battery-operated candles for actual ones. Nothing kills a seductive atmosphere faster than needing to unload a fire extinguisher onto somebody’s fabulous outfit.

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If you’re hosting a massive crowd, make the front door open so guests can allow themselves in. Allow the candles lead them into the phenomena. Again, keep electric light to a minimum to keep everyone’s eyes corrected.


In the coatroom. Before guests enter the party scene, give them an opportunity to drop off their outerwear. Whichever bedroom you select as a coatroom, in case you don’t have a committed coatroom, use candles to direct folks to it. Rooms in this way are good places to elect for candles.

The Core of the celebration. Continue your luminous theme in the heart of the celebration area with heaps of candles.

I really don’t understand how these homeowners can possible mild these by hand and then blow them out every time without becoming annoyed and lightheaded, however they win the sexy factor in my match book. OK I think that it’s safe to presume that these suckers are battery operated and on timers.


In case you have a fireplace, use it to increase the radiance. Here a wood-burning fireplace is provided additional vibrance with tall columns.

Candle color. There is no rule about what coloured candles you should use en masse, although an all-off-white arrangement makes a cohesive look that shows the fires off nicely. If you’re using colored wax candles (as opposed to soy candles, which burn more evenly) you will want to use more of these than you’d white wax candles to produce precisely the same illumination. Regardless of what color you choose, limit big groups to a single color family. In other words, off-white and beiges are nice together, but don’t start throwing in random green or red ones.

A brick cutout within this fireplace allows votives to burn safely as guests congregate.

Candle fragrance. Scented candles are fantastic … but only when the occasion warrants a gentle air freshener. Should you wish to use scented candles for a celebration, do so sparingly (like one in the bathroom or foyer) and never use numerous aromas in precisely the same room. Also, keep scented candles from the food table so you don’t overwhelm guests’ senses of smell and flavor.

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In case you have a fireplace that’s not functioning (or you don’t want to babysit a wood-burning one), mimic its function by layering different-size candles indoors.

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This fireplace has an inverted impact: Various-size candles decorate the mantel. Below, the firebox keeps a lovely arrangement of logs tucked securely indoors so guests can’t trip.

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Tip: wherever you place your candles, set a mirror behind them to amplify their glow. This is particularly helpful in darker corners of a celebration area where you may not have as many candles, or surfaces for candles, as you’d like.


Rather than concentrating all the candles in one part of the space, spread them out; your guests will probably distribute as well, making for a better flow across the house.

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Do not forget the restroom. After people have a couple of cocktails, a candlelit toilet is useful. This bath is ready with built-in candle shelves.

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Not that guests have to imbibe to love the eloquent, retina-pleasing transition from celebration to powder area. This bath too was constructed with sensuous ambience in mind: Notice the row of built-in wall sconces.

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The dining area. Whilst candlelight makes people look their best, food may be difficult to discern if there is not enough light. This dining table space takes care of that using a centerpiece of candles on a tray (for simple removal) and candles tucked within cutouts in the wall. An electric chandelier onto a dimmer combines the soul.

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Candles in martini glasses illuminate this table.

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This dining area includes floating shelves to keep candles from interfering with any other table decorations or the meals design.

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Materials. Candleholders don’t have to be elaborate. Fill mason jars with stones, dried beans, cranberries, acorns, seasonal candies etc. before adding a metal-rimmed votive inside. Wax wills stop from slipping you’ve chosen.

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And finally, light up the great outdoors. Party revelers constantly wind up out however cold it may be. The more bodies you have inside, the faster this will happen. Even if the temperature drops drastically outdoors, the air can feel warm and inviting with ample candle protection.

Your turn: Please show us your favourite candle display.

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