What's That Sound? 9 Home Noises and How to Fix Them

Don’t go calling the Ghost Hunters people just yet if you’re hearing odd noises around your house. There’s likely an earthly reason for what’s going bump in the night time. In reality, at times the sounds in a house are a warning to prevent something very frightening from happening — such as a backed-up sewer line. But it’s all about being aware of what you’re hearing and that can help. If you’re hearing at least one of these sounds, then it may be time to call a specialist.

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Gurgling From the Toilet

Cause: This could be one of 2 things.
1. Your sewer line could be backed up. Sometimes tree roots grow into the pipes. You then innocently flush a couple of baby wipes, that snag on those origins, partly blocking the sewer line and, well, the you-know-what may be getting ready to hit the fan.

2. A weary toilet valve may cause a gurgling sound, but the constantly running toilet will tip you off. If that’s the situation you only have to replace the gasket in the tank.

Who to phone : A plumber. You can even lease a sewer snake and attempt to clean the problem yourself. You can lease one, and purchase toilet valves, at many local hardware stores.

Knocking or Banging Inside the Walls

This typically occurs when you turn your water taps on and off. It is referred to as a pressure hammer, and it occurs when air pressure builds up in your water pipes, causing them to vibrate when the pressure is released.

When the pipe wasn’t mounted correctly, or it’s loosened over the years, then it bangs from the stud on your wall. “It may go crazy,” says home remedy specialist Tapley Dawson, a partner in The Home Physicians in Novato, California. “The interior of a stud bay is like a guitar or piano, so yeah, you’re likely to hear it.” If the sound gets to you — à la “The Tell-Tale Heart” — you are going to have to open up the wall and put a sleeve on the tube.

Who to phone: A house repair specialist

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Pops and Clicks From the Radiator

Expanding metal. “I used to live at New York, and also my furnace would hiss and groan; it was like having a dragon at the house,” says Dawson.

While there’s not much you can perform, Dawson states a few loop systems that circulate warm water get air bubbles in them and need to be “bled” like automobile brakes do. Should you hear a banging sound similar to what occurs with the water pipes, this might be your problem. You may buy or make decorative boxes for radiators that may cut down on the sound a bit, but they’re mainly for decorative purposes.

Who to phone : An HVAC specialist

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Humming From the Refrigerator

Cause: “That is the gremlins in eating your meals,” jokes Dawson. Actually, it could be the compressor motor. Fridges are full of electric devices, he states, that can cause all kinds of problems. New refrigerators shouldn’t make any sounds.

Who to phone: A appliance repair specialist

Squeaking From the Dryer

Cause: Many older versions have a belt which wraps around the drum similar to that in a car engine. After the belt becomes loose and worn out, “it begins to squeak like bedsprings,” Dawson says.

Who to phone : An appliance repair specialist

Thumping From the Washing Machine

overload: This is most likely due to the spin cycle’s being thrown off balance by clothes bunched on one side, often when the machine is overloaded. Only open the machine and spread out the clothing evenly.

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Creaking Floors and Stairs

This most often occurs when a loosened hardwood flooring plank goes up and down from a nail. Other times timber planks are rubbing against one another. The sound is notorious in older houses.

You can tighten the boards by nailing, screwing or gluing the boards, but it’s likely to be the “aggravation versus how much you ruin your floor,” Dawson says. In some cases he’s been in a position to tighten the subfloor underneath the house with things such as a 2-by-4 joist and construction glue. “It is not always effective, but there are tricks,” he states. You may want to choose if you really want that noise to evaporate. “In older Victorians that’s part of the charm of the house,” Dawson says.

Who to phone: A house repair specialist

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Whooshing or Rattling Windows

When weather stripping fails on older windows, such as double-hung timber windows, drafts happen. If your house faces powerful winds, the air whipping in the spaces may cause the windows to rattle. You can use storm sashes, such as the one found here, to pay aged windows. They’re most often found on the East Coast. Tilt Pac windows and block-frame windows are also choices.

Who to phone : A window fix specialist

Running or Hissing Faucets

Cause: When a faucet is leaking, it may sound like it’s running. When it’s barely available, it may make a hissing sound, such as air moving through a reed to a saxophone, Dawson says. Most probably you’ve got an old faucet having a washer issue, which is something many homeowners may fix themselves.

Who to phone: Request your community hardware store to get assistance. When in doubt, call a house repair specialist.

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Scratching, Rustling or Chewing in the Ceiling or Walls

Cause: I hate to say it, but if you hear prolonged scratching, then you most likely have a rodent problem. Sometimes you can unmistakably hear rats chewing their way through walls.

Who to phone : A pest control specialist

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