Why Does My Fig Tree Have White Spots?

Few insects or diseases cause white spots on fig trees (Ficus carica). Fig trees grow in the warm areas of U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10 and can be invasive in some places. Scale insects and mosaic virus can cause pale yellow, almost white spots to form on leaves. Pale leaf spots are fatal and therapy might not be vital.

Scale Insects

Young scale bugs are light in color and feed on the foliage, which can cause discoloration and light-colored spotting. Scales, which feed on branches and twigs, develop a coating and a dark brown color. Scales don’t move once they mature, so they don’t always resemble insects. Look for the presence of young and both scales if they are the reason for the spotting to determine. Because scale insects controlled are usually kept by predators, you do have to see to your fig tree. Employ a horticultural oil throughout the season, if scale insects persist and thoroughly saturate the trees foliage, including the bottom of leaves. Don’t apply the oil if temperatures are above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, rain is expected or states are foggy. Wait 30 days if another type of fungicide was applied before spraying on the tree with foliage damage or oil can happen. After applying, wear a shirt, jeans, socks, socks, eye protection or a gloves. Keep pets and people out of this area until the spray has dried.

Mosaic Virus Symptoms

Pale is the symptom of mosaic virus. The spots range from light yellow to bright yellow, with the paler spots appearing nearly white. The rest of the foliage around the stains remains a vibrant green, providing a clear contrast. Mosaic also spreads into the fig fruits. Mosaic virus isn’t fatal, but it can diminish your fig harvest. The the fig mite spreads mosaic virus.

Fig Mite Problems

Therefore the tree stays effective, fig mites can decrease the spread of mosaic virus. The mites are exceptionally small and light yellow. They mostly feed on leaves and buds, which can give rise to portion or a russetting of the foliage in which they are most active. Mites attack fig trees roughly one month after the new leaves unfurl in spring. Inspecting the leaves with a magnifying glass every day in this period allows you to catch mite problems before they have a chance to infect the tree with virus.

Mosaic Virus Remedies

When it is infected with virus, There’s no cure or treatment for a fig tree. The disease isn’t fatal if you don’t need to disperse mosaic virus into some other 28, but it’s ideal to ruin the tree. The fleas are killed by Implementing a sulfur spray in the first signs of a mite disease and can keep them. Dissolve 3 teaspoons of lime sulfur in 1 gallon of water, and place it into a sprayer. Spray the foliage of this fig, coating it evenly on the bottom and upper surfaces of the leaves. Put on the sulfur, if you find fleas following 15 days. After applying, wear a shirt, jeans, socks, socks, eye protection or a gloves. Keep pets and people out of this place until the spray has dried.

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