Wow Factor: Statement Pieces to Your House

Jazz up your home with a daring element that speaks volumes of your decorating design. Case in point: the announcement piece. What is a statement piece, you ask? When you see something which makes you stop in your tracks for a second or third look, you have got yourself a statement piece. Perhaps it grabbed your attention with its shocking colour or creative design; either way, your jaw dropped out of the impression that it made.

Whenever it is not easy implementing a statement piece, be aware that it’s the power to set the tone for the type of your dwelling. If it comes to home décor, a piece that makes you excited and talks about your style and vision is what home decorating is all about. This ideabook will explain to you how to do it.

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If you’re after an original wall treatment, opt for solid wall panelling that bursts with colorful flair. This yellowish panel is used on one part of this wall to make a focal point and in the exact same time, framework the beautiful art set next to it. The colour is repeated in the seats to tie the whole look together.


This stunning and crimson credenza stands in stark contrast to the black and white décor. With its bold shape and colour, this piece provides a kind of charm and elegance that’s truly stirring.

Elad Gonen

This outdoor lounger is the funniest dialog piece. It is an element that echoes nature and doesn’t interrupt the landscape, but suddenly pops because of its curvilinear layout.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

An enjoyable and leafy wallpaper creates the ideal background for floral, animal and picture prints in a room which, strangely enough, seems incredibly stylish and put together. The key to this unlikely cohesiveness comes from the continuous use of an ashy colour palette which allows shapes to combine seamlessly.

Envision living

High-gloss and glittery, these pink dining tables shout great style in this contemporary dining area. Publish a colorful table with an all-white backdrop for more play.

Envision living

By the same token, this high-backed magenta bed becomes a real attention-grabber when put in white environment.


Red may be a tricky colour to use in a dining area, but when paired with a monochromatic colour scheme and utilized in stylish dining seats, the idea makes sense.

House + House Architects

This curvy railing, maybe echoing palm tree leaves using its own form, makes a statement when the stairs oppose in form and thickness. Combining reverse shapes enhances both components and provides a daring characteristic into an area.

Winn Wittman Architecture

Even though flanked by an attractive pool, the real splash in this film comes from the stylish orange seat.

Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

When decorating with bright-hued furniture, it is important that other components, like throw pillows, take cues from the exact same shade to make fluidity. Here, the bright yellow torso matches easily thanks to this.

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