Guest Groups: Corral Kitchen Utensils in Style

Though some people today enjoy needing only 1 shot to get the ball straight from the tee to the cup on the green, others prefer to make their movement in the kitchen. Both, however, want some way to maintain their items organized: Golfers have their caddies, and kitchens have utensil caddies. Utensil caddies can, and should, be fun, inviting and easily incorporated to the kitchen decor. — Chris from Mele Cotte


Heirloom Flatware Caddy – $24.99

This Heirloom caddy presents flatware in a booked, elegant manner.


Blakely 36 Piece Flatware Set w/Caddies – $79.99

The cutlery pressed in each ceramic caddy adds style to a stereotypically ordinary container. The plan promotes organization as well.


Endurance Precision Pierced Tool Caddy – $21.95

This caddy that is compartmentalized will pair with stainless steel appliances.


Ball Jar Big Kitchen Utensil Caddy by Living Sew Beautiful – $132

Who said plantations are reserved for jams and pickling? This Ball Jar caddy brings it all home.


Picnic Plus Decka Utensil Caddy, Houndstooth – $22.22

Who doesn’t enjoy a checkered picnic blanket on a warm summer day? But if you are not an outdoorsy type of person, then you can bring the picnic interior with this houndstooth utensil caddy.


Flatware Caddy, Frosted White – $23.97

The frosted compartments in this caddy create a slick, cool and modern appearance.


Wood Silverware Caddy by Sawdusted – $59.95

Bring a certain je ne sais quoi to a own kitchen using a French bistro caddy.


Weathered Wood Garden Utensil Caddy – $49

Simple and rustic, this caddy will be welcomed by the significant other people who might be “meat ‘n’ potatoes” types of people.

Pottery Barn

All-Weather Wicker Flatware Caddy – $26.50

Wicker isn’t only for furniture anymore.

Pottery Barn

Pig Flatware Caddy – $79

Pork, the other white meat, is also a place to hold the utensils used to cook it!

Bed Bath & Beyond

Spinning Wire Utensil Holder – $19.99

You spin me right ’round baby, right ’round, like a spinning utensil holder baby, right ’round, ’round, ’round. You understand you are now humming that old ’80s pop hit — acknowledge it!


Kitchen Caddy Utensil Holder by 100cards

This vintage kitchen utensil caddy is obviously retro, especially with the note, “Handmade by Sharon Brown 1978” on its base.


ICD Retro Classic Champagne/Cream Kitchen Utensil Holder – GBP 12.95

Simple, clean and retro, this utensil holder belongs on my counter tops.


Industrial Utensil Holder, Sea Green, Upcycled Metal by Paula Art – $15

This caddy is made of a repurposed metal pipe — a little DIY becomes a chic decor!


Nuance Serving Utensil Kitchen Tool Holder in White – $24.95

Sleek and unobtrusive, this small caddy will maintain a kitchen honest.

Switch Modern

Alessi Nuvem Cutlery Holder – $41

Architecture isn’t only for buildings. This wired caddy brings architectural panache to a room.

Le Creuset 2.75 Quart Utensil Crock, Marseille – $29.95

You didn’t believe Le Creuset would stop cast iron pans and stoneware dutch ovens, did you?


Grundtal Cutlery Caddy – $5.99

Ikea knows how to use space. This wall-mounted caddy frees up the counter. It can hang on a railway or connect directly to your wall.

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