Guest Picks: Finely Crafted Wood Kitchen Accessories

My father works with timber, and I really like to keep a number of his creations around the home as a reminder of his workmanship. Not everyone is able to gather family-made creations, but tons of individuals tell me that wooden objects are the items they cherish the most in their own kitchen. Yes, sometimes they are a splurge, but the subsequent wood kitchen accessories will last a life and increasingly your own wood heritage. — Marie out of Food Nouveau

West Elm

Olive Wood Salt Mill – $29

If you love collecting sea salts, a mill is an absolute must. I like that this one is made from olive wood. It reminds me of the Mediterranean where so many amazing salts come from.


Tongs – $4

Tongs are likely my most-used kitchen accessory. I have several pairs to make sure I always have one available once I need it. As a change in the normal stainless style, I really like those bamboo tongs. I am reminded by them of chopsticks.


Saal Wood Big Candleholder – $29.95

A gorgeous dining table simply must feature candles. These column candleholders are certain to make a statement, and you may brag that they are sustainable also. They’re made of recycled saal wood reclaimed from old Indian railroad ties.

Brook Farm General Store

Olivewood Salt & Pepper Shakers – $36

I feel like such river stone salt and pepper shakers would make for the ideal hostess gift. They’re as beautiful as they are useful.


Two-Toned Wood Spreaders – $18

Dipped halfway in white paint, these teak spreaders would be the ideal complement to some cheese and pâté plate.


‘Lotus’ Tea Waitress – EUR 6.90

I find that amazing serving strands make all the difference in a kitchen. This spoon is excellent for measuring salt or tea, and the timber used to split the spoon has never been treated with substances.

Brook Farm General Store

Teak Cutlery Set – $55

Make these your special-occasion cutlery. Made of teak, the delicate, round grips are oiled for a modern, minimalist appearance.


Teak Honey Jar – $38

I have always found that honey jars have something intimate about them. Wouldn’t moving store-bought honey to your own heirloom jar give you the impression that you’re in absolute control of your own life? If I were ever to try it, I’d use this super adorable jar. I just adore that rope handle.

Pigeon Toe

Banded Wood Coasters – $96

I have a soft spot for things made from salvaged wood. I feel like it gives objects a deeper meaning. These walnut coasters will decorate any coffee table and get better looking with age.


Breadbasket – EUR 34

My mother has several breadbaskets, but I feel as though they’re a bit of an old-fashioned custom. But when I watched this one, I believed I’d happily use it instead of merely throwing bread in a normal ceramic bowl. It may double as a small serving tray also.


Salad Bowls, New Style – $22

Wooden salad bowls are quintessential in almost any kitchen, classic or modern. My mother has had hers for over 25 decades, and they seem just like these! These bamboo bowls are amazing, and contrary to what you may think, they do not absorb odors and are extremely simple to clean.

Contemporary Serving Utensils – $35

These striking bowls are carved by hand from mango wood, which makes every one completely unique. I really like the live edge of tree bark around the rim that adds to its rustic beauty.


Boos Cherrywood End-Grain Cutting Block – $129.95

Every cook needs a quality butcher block. Invest in one and it’ll last you a life. This 3-inch thick one, made in the united states from sustainably harvested solid cherrywood, makes a gorgeous and enduring addition to the kitchen.


Acacia Dish Rack – $49.95

This is another classic. It’s not necessary to dry the dishes when you have such a handy and gorgeous dish rack sitting by the sink in any way times. I really like the darker colour of acacia wood that makes this kind of grown-up version of the classic $5 stand that that everyone appears to have owned at some stage in their young-adult life.

West Elm

Wood Trencher Plates, Set of 2 – $44

If I had been a caterer, I’d stock up on those to serve beers in a very special and one of a kind way. The plates are made from reclaimed oak and finished in olive oil, and their layout is excellent for serving canapés. Flip them and they get small cutting boards.

West Elm

Raw Wood Placemat – $24

Use these wooden placemats to warm up any table. They’re absolutely striking utilized above a linen tablecloth. Have them monogrammed for an extra-special gift idea.


Teardrop Serving Boards – $80

I really like the shapes and contrasting colors of this set of chopping boards. Each board is hand shaped, sanded and treated with a blend of beeswax and food-safe mineral oil. They’re fantastic for serving cheese, canapés or mignardises.


Coasters – EUR 52.20

These coasters (do you think they are coasters?) Are elegant enough to be hung on the wall. They’re an ideal gift for that person in your list that appears to have everything.


Wood Lemon Reamer – $9.95

Almost everyone that sees me using a lemon reamer asks me, “Is that actually useful?” I tell you, being the citrus lover that I’m, I can’t live without one. They make juicing quick, keep your palms mostly dry and, above all, allow you to extract every last bit of juice from every citrus half. Wipe it under running water after every use, and it’ll keep for a long time.

West Elm

Wooden Wine Rack

Show off your best wine bottles down or across! These interlocking acacia wine racks can also be easily stackable, so you are able to gather them as your wine collection grows.

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