Kitchens Designed for Gathering

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a seminar on kitchen design trends at a local tile showroom. One of the main points in my presentation was the way the kitchen will stay — for the near future, anyway — the middle of the house environment.

Thus, the issue in today’s kitchen layout is how to create a space for family and/or visitors to collect in this room — and have it be a little different from what the neighbors have. Based upon the room design, flow into and out of the surrounding areas, there are numerous alternatives worth considering. Here are a few variations on the subject.

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

Kitchen island, version 2.0. I simply love the notion of combining an island and a table. In this Hawaiian kitchen, seats for four is put right in the middle of everything. By using exactly the identical material on the island counter along with the tabletop, it is a smooth integration between the two uses.

Christian Rice Architects, Inc..

In this variation, the kitchen is big enough that a change in substances between the island and table differentiates the dining area from the work locations. Another smart design choice. Notice, too how the light fixture over the table can also be distinct. Super smart.

Michael Fullen Design Group

Move island seats away in the main working area. If you are considering an island as your principal gathering spot, be aware of the intersection between work places and guest hangouts. The cook ought to be able to work effectively and unhindered even with buddies hanging out during final prep time. In this kitchen, the seating area is moved to one end of the kitchen, opposite of the functioning end, letting both places plenty of space to function properly.

Rob Kane – Kitchen Interiors Inc..

In this conventional kitchen, the island seats is placed opposite the main work areas. I can see the children gathered around the island on Saturday mornings waiting to get a fresh batch of pancakes to come off the griddle.

Alabama Sawyer

When space is tight, then use a cozy corner to get a counter-height dining table. This kitchen is too narrow for an island, but a unique kitchen dining table is”attached” to the counters in a place between the living and kitchen areas. It is a very efficient use of space and ideal as a celebration gathering spot or for the Sunday morning crossword puzzle.

HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

The kitchen dining table: an idea that deserves another look. In the tradition of the European kitchen, a dining table in the kitchen produces a cozy eating environment where dinner travels from being cooked into the dinner table in only measures. By placing an elaborate area rug under the dining table, this distance feels much like a dining area than a kitchen. It reminds me of a chef’s table in a luxury restaurant.

The kitchen table that also serves as prep surface. I’m so in love with this kitchen the simplicity of this color scheme (just black, marble and white ) and the tasteful design. The concept of a gathering table on chunky turned legs that also plays the role of prep surface if necessary is genius. Top all that off with glistening chrome pendants, and it’s almost perfect.

Mal Corboy Design

A built-in table extends work surface, saves space and provides seating. I searched hard for a few images of the thought. The seamless integration of this round countertop/table is a smart use of floor area and provides seats for many people in the kitchen whilst not crowding the cook.

Here’s another illustration of the attached table as part of the counters. In this kitchen, we put an increased glass table on one end of the kitchen to offer seating for four. Again, positioning was critical: out of this way, but in the kitchen.

Have a Seat at the New Kitchen-Table Island
Kitchen Layouts: Island or Peninsula?
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Dogs in Design

We’ve got all seen adorable pooches posing in interior photography to bring a bit of personality to the area. Whether you love your pet(s) and need to observe their spunk or only admire their puppy beauty from afar, here are strategies to integrate dogs in your style without the messy fur.

A real dog lover’s bedroom with two framed examples and a cushion. The addition of the doggie decor makes this bedroom feel rustic and masculine, to be shared with man’s best friend.

Serena & Lily

Curry Buddy Pillow – $88

This minimalist pillow will always be welcome to your mattress.

Dog paintings may add a dash of familial warmth to a cozy den. The warm earthy tones at the painting complement the sofa and curtain colours.

Pottery Barn

Painted Dog Pillow Covers – $35

This pillow would seem just right on the family room sofa.

The Cape Cod

How adorable is your idea of including your dog’s silhouette along with the rest of the household’s above the mantle?


Mod Dachshund Print 8×10 by ModDogShop – $20

It is possible to begin with this framed silhouette artwork.

Wayne Windham Architect, P.A.

Dog decor can be whimsical or taken very seriously. A big monochromatic portrait of 2 black dogs is showcased as the main art piece in this carefully thought open-plan living area.

In Detail Interiors

Remember that the George Rodriguez Blue Dog art widely popular in the 1990s? It still works now as a punchy pop-art collectors’ part in contemporary spaces.

Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

A white statuette “greeter” does wonders to enliven the black and white toilet.

Modern Chic Home

Greyhound Dog Statue – $95

Welcome a royal white buddy into your home today.

Dillard Pierce Design Associates

A bigger black-dog statue offers companionship to your guest about a slipper chair within this grand entrance hall.

Kelley & Company Home

A grouping of smaller dog figurines energizes the mantle of this eclectic sitting room.

Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

Dog decor can be as subtle as a very simple pattern in a assortment of accent pillows. Do not go overboard with too many puppy fabrics in 1 room. Too much of a good thing … is not too good.

For People design

Add a international vibe with a Chinese foo dog statue. The touch of turquoise among the fiery reds is also an intriguing contrast.

China Furniture Online

Turquoise Foo Dogs – $69

Here is an option for your own matching pair of Chinese foo dogs.


Barbara Cosgrove Dog Standing Lamp – $399

This elegant little lamp could spruce up an entrance hall.

Naked Decor

Happy Hot Dog Screen Tray – $325

An adorable serving tray.

Inside cloth

Diamond Dogs Black by F Schumacher – $144.20

A contemporary rug.

West Elm

Scott Lifshutz Dog Daze Pillow Cover – $29

A trendy looking watercolor inspired pillow.

Houzz Pets: 50 Design-Loving Dogs

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Design Dilemma: Developing Cape Cod Curb Appeal

Houzz user tgeo is looking to revamp a quintessentially Northeast-style cottage from the outside. While he is brimming with expansive ideas for producing the ultimate Cape Cod cottage, it is the details that have him asking for assistance. Click here to check out his preliminary ideas and share your own.

Houzz Design Dilemmas

“We were thinking of including a peak to the entryway — there is a bumped-out region that’s a foyer, and we’d love to keep it — and including a couple of dormers to the roof to rip things out. I’m having difficulty finding pics.

Designers: What are a few factors for tgeo? Click here to go to the Question and share your suggestions.

Houzz Design Dilemmas

If you’re more about the details that make your home, tgeo “would really like to hear some opinions on dormer dimensions, color/trim choices, windows, etc..”

Click this hyperlink to increase the discussion from the Houzz Questions section.

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