Sexy Chocolate Rooms: A Rich and Sweet Color Palette

I’ve a friend who is addicted to the hot chocolate in my local diner. She calls it”creamy relaxation in a cup” I agree, but want to save my calories and appreciate it like a decorating scheme for your home.

Deep shades of browns and creamy whites feel wealthy when blended together. Whether you like your hot chocolate bold and rich or creamy and sweet, these spaces will fill you with delight!

Judith Balis Interiors

Has anyone attempted to lick these walls? They look yummy. The space will get warmth out of the walls along with also the island cabinetry, yet still feels airy and bright through the different shades of white used during. To get this look, begin with replacing heavy window treatments with white wood blinds to bring in the natural light. Next, maintain the ceiling white, and install lots of lighting overhead as well as table and floor lamps with white shades. Add accessories that are reflective such as mirrors. Finally, keep art light by ensuring it’s a lot of white in it, and use white mats when framing.

Sherwin-williams Paint Store – Bismarck

SW6047 Hot Cocoa by Sherwin-Williams

I wish this Sherwin William Hot Cocoa paint came with a scratchn’ sniff option. I would use it on all of my walls!

Tracery Interiors

When painting walls a heavy brown is a lot of color for you, keep it creamy on the exterior and chocolaty at the middle! It is still possible to receive your hot chocolate try a cream colour reminiscent of a marshmallow on the partitions, then coating brown pieces through fabric and upholstery. Insert brown banding to drapes and brown noodle into your pillows for additional chocolate bits; produce a steaming cup of warmth all around you.

Shoshana Gosselin

SW6077 Everyday White by Sherwin-Williams

For creamy walls attempt this Everyday White paint from Sherwin Williams. When used with rich brown fabric and upholstery, it’s dreamy.

Rug Studio

Chandra Thomas Paul – Tufted Pile Coral Brown-Cream CBC Area Rug – $351

Bring deep browns into a room with walls that are creamy. This coral rug provides a snug feeling beneath your feet, along with also the white fibers during make it bold, lively, and fun.

Ballard Designs

Firenze Embroidered Panel Curtain – $179

This white and chocolate embroidered curtain is mild yet brings in brown.

Jayson Home

Enid Table Lamp – $650

Carry the hot chocolate theme to your lighting using a lamp similar to this. It is tall enough to let light and the chocolate shade creates a soft glow.

Marie Burgos Design

Wish to sweeten your guest’s stay with some hot chocolate? Create a swirl of browns and whites in your guest room. Deep brown on the walls together with a white duvet and white-shaded table lamps makes this room very inviting.

Benjamin Moore

Middlebury Brown HC-68 by Benjamin Moore

Middlebury Brown from Benjamin Moore is reminiscent of Italian cocoa. Tip: Whichever shade of brown you chose, test it first using a tester kit or buy a quart.

Design Shop Interiors

In spaces that open to each other, neutral creamy vanilla partitions maintain the whole area connected and bright. The chocolate accent wall is a visual element that separates the various places. Warm browns along with whites and creams create comfy, separate-yet-open spaces within the open floor plan.

Globus Builder

On the lookout for a bathroom palette that is timeless, clean, and reminiscent of a steaming cup of cocoa with whipped cream? Start with a bold espresso stain on the cabinetry and mirror frame, choose an oil bronze finish for the taps, put in a creamy counter top, and finally, choose tiles which mix in each the aforementioned.

Silestone USA

Tigris Sand Silestone

This is a wonderful soft look for a counter top paired with ebony finished cabinetry.

Shoshana Gosselin

Lush 1×2 Frosted Blend Stockholm

This glass tile can pick up on any browns when used in a bathroom or kitchen.

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Warm and Contemporary

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9 Great Colors For Your Gallery Wall

Selecting art for your house can be a labor of love. Whether it’s an original painting or drawing, a mass-produced print or a wonderful photograph, your art helps to tell a story and define your own style. I think art makes the best impression when it is surrounded by color.

You may be tempted to leave your walls white so they don’t remove from your masterpiece, but consider this: color brings out color, and in the case of black and white art, color brings out detail. If you have put careful thought into choosing and organizing your bits, then it simply makes sense to place the same amount of consideration into picking a brilliant background hue.

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Twenty7 layout

You can never go wrong if you hang on your art on a wall painted with a neutral hue. To make a stunning space, pick a darker shade, such as dim bluish gray.

Paint Pick: Stonecutter 2135-20 by Benjamin Moore

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

A lilac stripe highlights the art display in this space. This shade not just joins in with the room’s decor, but in addition, it helps to create a focal point by placing the accent on the art. This is an excellent choice to painting an entire wall.

Paint Pick: Obil Lilac 6556 by Sherwin Williams

Marie Burgos Design

A sky blue wall makes a nice contrast against this mostly-white art bit. Both the art and wall color have an ethereal appearance, which provides this bedroom a calm and stylish feel.

Paint Pick: Candid Blue 6953 by Sherwin Williams


Within this retro-inspired space, avocado green walls are the ideal complement to the artwork and accessories. The color is a nod to ’70s and the’60s.

Paint Pick: Sassy Green 6416 by Sherwin Williams

KannCept Design, Inc..

For a seamless look, pick a wall color that will camouflage your frames. The light periwinkle hue in this eating area allows the silver frames to mix right in, leaving the accent on every block of color.

Paint Pick: Mild Blue 6533 by Sherwin Williams


If your art has vivid hues, do not think your wall color has to be equally vibrant. Softer, muted paint colours will permit your bit to shine, while playing down the rest of the room.

Paint Pick: Honeywheat 179 by Benjamin Moore

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Here, a vibrant shade of coral is your backdrop for art that features subdued colours. Colour tones bring interest and balance .

Paint Pick: Italiano Rose 2087-30 by Benjamin Moore

Michelle Hinckley

A display of photos ties in with the white accents in this room. With so much white, a striking yellow wall shade allows the art and furnishings to pop without overpowering the space.

Paint Pick: Quilt Gold 6696 by Sherwin Williams

Shoshana Gosselin

Black-and-white photos stand out against a profound wall shade. This focal wall reinforces the room’s entire color scheme of black, white, gray and terra cotta.

Paint Pick: Sedona Clay 2174-30 by Benjamin Moore

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