8 Tips to Turn Your Attic Into a Snug Reading Nook

On the lookout for an excuse? These comfy reading nooks might be just the inspiration you need. Indulge your inner bookworm by turning an often-overlooked space to a location where you are able to get away from the distractions of the primary floor.

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Go for dual duty. Consider adding storage beneath any built-in seats. Attic spaces are normally tight, and that means you’ll be glad you have got the extra hiding space for this magazine collection you have been slowly working your way through. If you are keeping things simple and just buying furniture, find some handsome baskets to slide beneath.

Furnish it with your favorite bits. This distance is all about comfort, so exude furnishings which will encourage precisely that. “A comfy chair and ottoman are ideal so the reader can put up their feet,” says interior designer Diane Bishop.

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Embrace the sloped walls. Sloped walls may be an architectural annoyance, but they make for a perfect reading nook. Utilize the space beneath for a daybed or window seat; the sloped walls emanate instant coziness.

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Create a library feel. If you’ve got the distance, combine lounge furniture and book storage. Not only will this keep your collection accessible, but having novels in sight makes the space feel like a library.

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Bring in the reading lamps. Attics are usually dark, along with a reading nook will not be good if you can not find the book before you. “A tall lamp with a sheer shade both will light the region and supply soft lighting for the words onto the page,” says Bishop. “Pick the right style, and the lamp will double as an attractive design element inside the room.”

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Pick colors that induce calm. This distance is meant to relax you, go for soothing colors that set the right tone — usually whites, neutrals, light greens and blues. “Consider painting the ceiling a different colour to make interest,” suggests Bishop.

Ventilate. Equip your distance with sufficient ventilation and air circulation so that you don’t feel uneasy when trying to unwind. Attic spaces get sexy, and ceiling fans may make a refreshing breeze.

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Maintain the attention. Recall, the role of your loft has changed. Don’t allow the focus change to storage or anything else. “Let this place be only about writing or reading,” says Bishop. “Cut down on clutter and distractions to make a truly peaceful space”

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