New Classics: The Ikea Maskros Light

Have you ever seen seen this giant dandelion all around the place? In today’s marketplace, it is one of those things you may guess is made by some very luxury place and costs about $5,000. I am pleased to report that this fixture costs almost $5,000 less than that. At $89, the Maskros Pendant Lamp is well worth the trip to Ikea.

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Restyled Home

Oversized and sculptural, the 32″ version of this delicate light makes for a strong focus.


Maskros Pendant Lamp – $49.99

The Maskros Pendant Lamp is offered in a 22″ diameter size plus a 32″ diameter size. The color is made from paper.

Also, Ikea recommends halogen E12 25-watt bulb, so stock up on some of those if you in the event that you purchase this lamp.

When the lamp is switched on, it casts shadows of floral shapes all over the room.

This dining area has a great mix. Arts and Crafts paneling and details, mid-century contemporary Eames Eiffiel Chairs, a contemporary spin on a farmhouse dining table, all wrapped and lit by the Maskros.

Though the pendant is a favorite in modern and contemporary dining rooms, in addition, it can work in a traditional one. It can be the one bit that kicks the space from traditional to transitional style.

Dayka Robinson Designs

Because the shade is constructed from paper, the lamp is a wonderful choice for a brand new, crisp nursery.

The pendant gives a space a look that is fresh as a daisy. Or in this instance. To keep it from becoming dusty, hit it with a blow dryer on”no heat” mode prior to starting your regular dusting.

Kelton Mack Designs

Another nursery loves a Maskros shine.

A dim wall is a great contrast for the pendant, making it stand out much more.

Architect Mason Kirby Inc..

Its shape is much more subtle against a white wall.

Holly Marder

I have discovered the Maskros in each room of the home and all over the chambers. This cozy bedroom is in The Netherlands.

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They are Electrifying: Elegant And Brilliant Lights

We frequently hear in a room regarding the ability of colour. Now include mild to the effect as well as shade is nothing short of electrifying. An area cans energize, function as a focal point and turn into a conversation piece. To be an essential element of layout, light is usually overlooked, however a light fixture that bursts with colour will probably be the largest strength of your chamber.


This chandelier is given lots of existence by purple glass drops plus the wall colour is also complemented by them.

Hint: Do you have a chandelier but wish it had more character? Individual, coloured crystals can be purchased by you and add them for your present fixture.

Avalon Interiors

This richly- hued to the colour palette of the room.

Hint: in the majority of instances, the correct height to to hold a chandelier is 3 3 inches over the table.

Elad Gonen

An oversized, pink chandelier that is vivid provides some shock to the bedroom.

LDa Architecture & Insides

A chandelier that is brilliant will stand out in a room with partitions that are darker.

Jennifer Lang Designs, Inc.

Chandelier colors do not constantly have to be vivid and spectacular. The colours in this fixture make sure the focus remains on its complex design.

Hung from a source of light that is recessed, amber, yellow and orange panels provide the semblance of a light fixture. These fall colours will cast a warm glow around an area.

Tatiana Takaeva

The reddish hanging pendant in this bath picks up the colour of the dressing table.

Hint: When including coloured lighting fixtures to your restroom or alternative space at which you’ll employ makeup, use added natural-coloured light sources so the overall light is not going to be changed.

Bliss Residence Theaters & Automation, Inc

Rather than a chandelier, why don’t you attempt several brilliant pendants? This is really a fun, modern strategy to incorporate accent light into a space.

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