5 Ways to Plant a Kiss of Red on Your Landscape

The Scarlet Letter. Scarlett O’Hara. Few colors connote passion and play quite like the colour red. In the scene, as in literature, this fiery hue cranks up the heat, stimulating energy, confidence and enthusiasm. Whether you wish to make a bold statement or accentuate a focal point, here are five ways to landscape with red.

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1. Command Attention

Just like a stop sign, red makes us all pause. Make the most of this bold hue from the landscape to direct the eye where you want it. Here, swaths of red impatiens funnel focus into the door.

Rely on reddish to highlight focal points, including urns, fountains and planters.

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Use red blossoms to bring vibrant energy into an otherwise neutral landscape. Because a tiny red can go a long way, this sexy colour is ideal in warm climates, where crops are scarcer.

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2. Layer for Effect

Red appears to come forward in the landscape, which helps make a large garden feel more amorous.

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Plant reddish toward the end of a destination, like a very long walkway, where its vibrant color will lure guests down the road.

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Few colors extend as warm a welcome as reddish. Tap into its friendly soul by planting strands of red flowers up front steps or flanking front door with them.

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3. Choose Shades of Difference

Red-browns and terra-cotta reds offer a warm, autumnal appearance. Look to foliage selections for this earthy scheme.

Locate plants with reddish foliage at the plant guides

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Dark reds (and deep purples) are one of the initial colors to glow in waning light. Restrict them if you would like to enjoy an evening garden.


Red and yellow are a timeless summertime garden colour combination. Provide a broad range of blossoms in these colors then; therefore, they look best in bright sunshine.

Find fantastic reddish blossoms | Browse yellow blossoms

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4. Play It Cool

Temper red’s bold nature by pairing it with complementary green.

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Somewhat red, like in this Japanese blood grass (Imperata cylindrica ‘Red Baron’) may go a very long way. Team it with serene blues, grays and greens for a refreshing appearance.

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Fantastic plant companions, such as airy red yarrow and scattering purple salvia, showcase a winning combination of sexy and trendy colors.

5. Utilize Focal-Point Flowers

Sure, you can catch attention with impatiens and geraniums, but other more sudden specimens abound. One chance: kangaroo paw (Anigozanthos ‘Red Cross’).

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Another energetic candidate value a closer look is Mukdenia ‘Crimson Fans’. Somehow this plant blurs the line between flower and foliage.

An old favourite from South Africa, Bright Eyes Montbretia (Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora) is a gorgeous plant that may stand alone as an accent plant or blend in with additional hot-colored summer bloomers, such as daylilies.

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