Guest Picks: Modern Country Kitchen

A country kitchen harkens back to a time when this room was the middle of the house. Clean and easy, it is still a cozy, inviting area filled with laughter and life. An area that celebrates the homemade, where the food which nurtures our bodies is lovingly prepared and which fosters other creative interests.
Nowadays, as most of us from today’s world try to recapture some of the intentionality of yesteryear, we may seek to recreate this homey feel from the kitchen in a way that’s entirely today.
— Justine out of Design Skool

Vintage Tub & Bath

AGA Dual Fuel Range With Strong Door, Vintage White

Aga ranges harken back to a time when machines were elegant in addition to functional.

Brook Farm General Store

Tourne Utensil Holder – $49

Reminiscent of classic state crocks, these handmade utensil holders possess a slightly more modern shape.

Heath Ceramics

Commune Natural Linens Matteo – $112

For anyone who have fond memories of Grandma’s ticking stripes, the trendy reds and blues of those commune linens offer you a more updated option.

Herriott Grace

The HG juicer – $72

Handmade of ceramic, this juicer is a personal favorite of mine.

Heath Ceramics

Aqua Glass Set – $24

Sleek silhouettes accomplished by recycling classic glass bottles — what could be more retro-modern?

ReForm School

Kaico Enamel Kettle – $142

Like a country kitchen needs to be, Kaico’s serene tea kettle is straightforward, natural and clean.

Heath Ceramics

Dessert Bowl Heath Rim Line – $25

The design of this cobalt bowl gives a modern pop .

Heath Ceramics

Maple Cutting Board Edward Wohl – $100

Its curved borders echoed in the wood grain, Edward Wohl’s maple cutting boards are simply beautiful.

Marrakech Design


All these beautiful tiles have components both rustic and modern. They were handmade in Morocco.


Alessi La Cintura di Orione, Oval Cocotte Cast Iron – $293

Alessi’s slick oven provides a modern twist to a cooker.

Niels Datema

Bread Spoons

Nothing is more homey than fresh baked bread. With precise measurements all laid out for you, these bread spoons make homemade bread simple for the modern household.

Herriott Grace

Fine Rolling Pin – $80

From classic cake pedestals to rolling pins and bowls, no neo-country kitchen is complete with no handmade wooden piece out of Herriott Grace.


Cheeseboard By rae dunn – $125

This wood-grained cheese board with little bird provides a little bit of whimsy along with fun.


Cobalt Jug with Handle – $59

Stripes are constantly timeless. This slick carafe is the start of a new heritage.


Coconut Fibre Vegetable Brush – AUD 8.95

For feel in addition to utility, the modern country kitchen wants a collection of Redecker brushes.

OBJECTS of Usage

Baking Gauntlet – GBP 4.50

With the faintest hint of tickling stripe on the thumb, these cotton oven mitts are so beautiful you may not wish to stick them on your own oven. Fortunately, they’re washable.

Faucet Direct

Whitehaus Dual-Apron Reversible Fireclay Kitchen Sink – $1,479.73

Sleek and lovely, this sink can also be highly functional. I am imagining fresh-cut blossoms on one side, dishes out of day tea at the other.


Vintage Gooseneck 2 Hole Kitchen Mixer With Metal Cross Handles

Old World allure + contemporary performance = Timeless grace.

Utility Canvas

Apron, Indigo – $58

For a selection of colorful canvas aprons, visit Utility. From chartreuse to fushia, they’ve every modern hue in this timeless cut.

nic webb

Pickle Spoons, Lime And Cherry – GBP 80

Together with their elongated handles, these absolutely gorgeous wooden spoons possess an artistic allure.

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How To Repair a Teak Floor

Teak is thought to be one of the more compact and durable hardwoods. But even teak flooring in houses and on boat decks are exposed to scratches and gouges. In case the entire flooring needs repair, enlist a flooring refinishing contractor to fix and restore the floor. As a do-it-yourself homeowner, then you can repair minor scratches or gouges using a method employed by professionals. Find a wood filler in the exact same tone as the floor and organize a couple of hand tools to fix your teak flooring.

Sand the teak floor in the direction of the woodgrain at the area of a scratch or gouge to start the surface grain of the wood, using a 100-grit sanding block. Remove the sanding dust, using a vacuum.

Fill a deeper scratch along with a gouge with wood filler, with a plastic putty knife. Use the filler in the direction of a scrape. Instead, apply it in the directions at a gouge. Allow the filler to dry completely. Sand the filler and surrounding area uniformly, sanding at the direction of the woodgrain. Remove the sanding dust using the vacuum.

Apply a moderate number of teak oil onto a tiny area of a rag. Use the oil to the repair, working in the direction of the woodgrain. Make sure to use the oil to the and surrounding area. Allow the oil to penetrate for a single minute. Wipe the area with a clean portion of the rag. Enable the oil to penetrate overnight.

Shake a spray can of polyurethane for a single minute if your teak flooring has a clear-coat sealer. Shake it moderately so that the steel ball inside the can mixes the heavier portion of the spray thoroughly. Open a window or a door for ventilation, as necessary.

Hold the nozzle of the can eight inches from the floor. Spray on the polyurethane at the sanded and surrounding area with uniform strokes at the direction of the woodgrain. Allow the polyurethane to dry for three hours.

Smooth the entire area in the direction of the woodgrain, using fine steel wool. Use only enough pressure on the wool to make a smooth, uniform appearance. Clean out the area, using the vacuum.

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