Double-Duty Savvy: 10 Supersmart Laundry Room Combos

In case you’ve got a normal company job these days, chances are that you’re doing the work three folks used to do, which means multitasking is the most important skill. Company owners and full-time parents: You use five different hats in any given moment. Make your home work in the smart ways you can. It will cut back on the size of home you need, your energy consumption, your invoices and your carbon footprint, leaving additional time on the clock and moola in the budget to the fun stuff.

In this series we will look at how to make all of the rooms in the house hum along at 100 percent, starting with all the laundry room. Here are 10 ways to rationalize incorporating a few more square feet into this secret oasis and make it a location where you wish to spend some time.

Crisp Architects

1. Laundry room plus potting shed and flower arranging room. A utility sink in the laundry room means you can wash off helpless hands and even sneakers before they enter the rest of the house. A counter means you’ve got room to clip, pot, transplant, arrange as well as overwinter in here. It is a potting shed–matches –shopper store. It is every cut-flower gardener’s and supper party host’s dream. Also, note all the area for storing gardening materials, vases, Crocs and more.

Normandy Remodeling

This is a contemporary version of the potting shed laundry room.

Dream House Studios

2. Laundry room and craft room and studio. I admit, this laundry room is bigger than a lot of kitchens. But it’s so fabulous, and it has many purposes, so it’s allowed. The room has natural lighting, overhead lights, pendant lights and that huge surface for folding, ironing, crafting or running a company. Why don’t you get your laundry done as you’re working on patterns, collaging, making jewellery, writing a site, working on the kids’ summer program or obtaining Etsy orders ready to send? Multitasking in your multitasking room may make you unstoppable.

Geoff Chick & Associates

3. Laundry room and pantry. Combining a cabinet with the laundry room means you are going to have one walk in space rather than 2 routine closet-size spaces. You will want the space to be near the kitchen, so in case your bedrooms are on a different ground, research installing a chute. Keep cleaning supplies close to the machine and do not mix items like food and bleach at the same cabinets.

Wendy O’Brien Interior Planning & Design

This’50s ranch pantry was a really sad sight. Now it’s a cheerful, stylish and functional place for stashing supermarket and doing laundry.

Corynne Pless

4. Laundry room plus extra-refrigerator room. You may be all set using the pantry but need that extra refrigerator for weekend drinks and all that beef you’ve bought in bulk at Costco. A laundry room with only a few additional square feet can manage it.

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5. Laundry room plus coat-warming closet (and more). This very well-thought-out laundry room has an excess refrigerator and freezer, a craft space, additional pantry cabinets, a coat heating closet (that is in cold Michigan, after all) and a sink.

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Fantastic Kitchens & Baths

6. Laundry room plus back entrance . That is such a great solution for all those with children. They can come in, kick off their muddy shoes, wash their hands, hang up their coats, toss their backpacks in their lockers and toss their muddy soccer uniforms into the washing machine. The dirt stops here.

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Smith & Vansant Architects PC

7. Laundry room also dog-washing channel. The same rules can apply to puppies. The architects created a much-needed dog-washing spot adjacent to the laundry machines in this beautiful home. They even integrated the client’s hand-painted tiles to the doggie tub surround.

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Dara Barber

Your utility sink can double as a pet bathtub, depending on how large your dog is.

Side note: Raise your hand if you believe that this dog has been primped for some type of pageant which will air on reality TV. This is only one of the photos on which make me smile the broadest.

Old World Kitchens & Custom Cabinets

8. Laundry room plus gift wrap section. Wrapping paper stored up high with counter area below means you can wrap a gift and get right out the door to that baby shower, kids’ birthday party or holiday gathering within moments. No searching around for paper, tape, ribbon, cards, gift tags or a place to place it all together. The counters do double duty for folding clothes.

Bruen Design Build Inc..

Even if your laundry room is tiny, you can still accomplish the gift wrap channel. All you will need is front loaders, which means you are able to use the space beneath the machines as counter area. A wall-mounted cabinet keeps wrapping paper and ribbons so that you can

The Design Den Homes Inc..

9. Laundry room plus sewing room. You do not need to wait until your kid goes to college to flip his or her room to the location where you’re sew and hang stuff on the otherwise fresh Bowflex. Give yourself a small workspace and a place to plug in (if needed ). Fantastic lighting is crucial; cabinets or drawers for fabrics and other materials are a benefit.

Brickmoon Design

10. Laundry room plus command central. The programs, the wrapping paper, the documents, the household binders, the desk where you look up photographs of Javier Bardem online and Photoshop your own face over Penelope Cruz’s and yes, the place for folding too. It is all here. The best part is that a parent can lock the door and sneak in a private conversation with a friend that doesn’t involve sippy cups or Dora the Explorer every now and then.

Bruning Homes, Inc..

ers, what additional functions are you added to your laundry room? Please share in the Comments section.

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