Backyard Living: The Scoop on Chicken Coops

Forget designer duds and furnishings… the hottest must-have is of the avian character. Whether you are residing in the nation or shacking up from town, it might be possible for you to get a chick or two (or six) in a chicken coop of your own. It’s crucial to check zoning laws before buying chickens, but it is surprisingly feasible to raise hens (though generally not early-crowing roosters) in a small yard. Having a more compact space, there is a need to be fastidiously clean in caring for your birds, but the benefits are worth it.

New eggs, soothing clucks, free fertilizer and recycling machines are a few of the advantages you can expect with cows. The most important matter of business before buying your own buds, however, is to build a coop.

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Coops are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from luxury accommodations to the bare minimum. You are able to purchase a prebuilt coop for a few hundred bucks or make your own with scrap wood and chicken wire. There are coops built specifically for smaller spaces and poultry”tractors” you are able to wheel around the lawn to fertilize a variety of sections. Our coop was built onto the side of an present shed.

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There’s nothing quite like the chirping of baby girls waking you up in the daytime. Chicks will need to stay warm, so educate yourself on the maintenance of girls prior to taking charge of these little lives. In the early days they’re placed indoors (a cardboard box operates at this stage ) with a heating lamp. Just a little food, water and paper, and your girls will spend joyful days lugging around and sleeping in their cage.

You can buy chicks in the local feed store or attempt an internet site like this Hatchery for rare breeds sent to your home when they are one day old.

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Before you know it, those sweet little chicks quickly become full-feathered cows complete with dust and chicken poop. You will not want these creatures inside your house after this stage, so a home is a must.

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Whether your zoning is custom made, catalog ordered or homemade, there are a couple of mandatory components. First is safety. Chicken cable is a must, and it should protect every surface of the coop. Chicken wire also needs to cover the ground of the coop if it rests on property. Raccoons would think nothing of digging a tunnel under the coop and gobbling up your cows.

You’ll be able to see another edition of this basic design at Natalme from Natalie Wright. For more photographs, coop plans and information on raising chickens in urban areas, check out

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Hens will start laying eggs around six months old, so getting laying boxes up early is good practice. When the cows begin layingthey prefer to lay in precisely the exact same region, so you would like to train them to lay their eggs where it is convenient for you to collect them.

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These placing boxes are situated directly across in the full size (chicken-wire covered) door for simple access. The bottom of the coop is lined with hay and grass.

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Chickens have a tendency to go to the maximum place to roost, so provide ladders and enclosed space for them to maneuver. This space is lined with wood shavings, but hay, hay and dry grass also work well.

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If your chickens aren’t allowed to roam during the day, they will need dirt bathrooms. A dirt bathtub is simply a box of dirt with a little sand mixed in. The birds roll in the dirt to wash themselves; without it, pests can be an irritant.

Karen puts a dirt bath in a bathtub for her chickies. Check out her incredible designer chicken coop in The Art of Doing Materials .

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Whether you choose to attack the building of a coop yourself or buy a premade model, make sure that your hens are secure, with room to roost and place, bedding plus a dirt bath. It requires a bit of work, however the benefits of cows conducting their two-legged wobble across the lawn and placing fresh eggs each morning is well worth the effort.

Inform us: Can you keep cows? Share a photograph of your backyard chicken coop below.

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