15 Fall Decorating Ideas From Great Country Homes

You do not need to get a property in the country to steal a few style tips from these casually elegant homes. Full of heritage and brimming with fine good looks, country house design is more about mood, colours and textures compared to the flash of a fancy house. Below you will find 15 decorating suggestions to channel country house style no matter where you live.

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1. Equestrian artwork. Prizewinning racehorses and show horses have had their portraits painted since time immemorial — riffle through flea market stalls and stalls at antiques fairs to locate your own slice of equestrian background in the form of a classic horse painting. Or, to get a budget-friendly option, track an oversize equestrian art book and slice out a few pages to frame.

2. Potted topiary. Grace that your entryway with a cluster of neatly trimmed topiary in urns. If you can set the strands beneath a round or hexagonal table in the center of a foyer, better.

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3. Rich red doors. More sophisticated compared to the red of barns and deeper than the vivid, clear red of church doors, this red is much more akin to a fine wine. Look for a red paint with a touch of purple, like the rich burgundy displayed here.

Deep reddish paint picks for doors


4. Plaid upholstery. Re-cover an old armchair, an ottoman or a love seat in classic wool plaid for a cozy look that begs one to sink in and sit awhile. Not interested in reupholstering? Fold and drape a plaid throw on the trunk and back of your seat instead.

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5. Suitcases as a nightstand. Stack up hard-sided vintage suitcases to get a unique bedside dining alternative with personality to spare.

6. Menswear eyeglasses and prints. Handsome houndstooth, wool tweed and shirting fabrics are made for country living. Dress your bed in layers of these delicious cloths to get a textural treat.

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7. Copper pots on screen. Nothing appears so tempting in the kitchen for a row of gleaming copper pots hung over the cooker. Even though, to keep them shiny, you might want to hang yours within the kitchen island rather.

8. Pitchers filled with flowers. Enamelware and creamy ironstone pitchers of all sorts, new and classic, create excellent and easy flower holders. Plunk in a huge armful of blooms or a bundle of autumn branches, and you are done.

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9. A bowlful of apples. It is so straightforward, we must all do that one! Rather than maintaining bowls of fruit relegated to the kitchen, pile fresh, crisp apples in a nice wooden bowl and set it on the coffee table.

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10. Gray-green walls. Rich, historic and more complicated than green or grey independently, gray-green changes beautifully with the light. Use this hue in a dining area, kitchen or small sitting area, with off-white trim. The paint color used here’s French Gray 18 from Farrow & Ball.

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11. Monograms. Towels that are monogrammed say country home … same with silver or pillowcases or whatever else you can place your initials on. For couples who share a last name, try out a monogram using your last initial as the center letter, together with your first initials on each side.

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12. Luxurious laundry area details. Gleaming bin brings, light blue-gray paint and chic accessories (like a glass jar for laundry soap and a wire basket for towels) add up to a winning look in the laundry area. To create a larger investment in the look, swap out a typical sink to get a porcelain bib-front version and pay for the walls in beadboard or paneling.

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13. A chipped-paint cupboard. Add classic patina to your dining area with a chipped-paint cabinet to hold your dishes. Whether the era is real or faked, a piece like this instantly makes everything else in the area feel homier.

14. A wicker trunk. More casual compared to steamer trunks, wicker trunks were often utilized to take picnics out into the countryside in olden days. Use yours to keep exactly the holiday table linens you can’t find room for in your cabinets.

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15. A porch. Plump cushions, fluffy throws and baskets of stunning autumn flowering flowers come together to create a porch you can happily spend some time long into the autumn. Take a spoonful of hot apple cider out, place your feet up and relax.

How to cozy up outside this autumn

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