How to Clean and Maintain Laminate Floors

Laminate floors need a special type of maintenance in order to keep them gleaming even for a long time. As you know, the laminate is a great option for flooring Bakersfield because it’s affordable and aesthetically pleasing. It’s usually known as Formica, a trademark word that has become a generic term for laminate. Regardless of what you call it, learning how to clean these floors is the key to keeping them looking great for a long time.

The best way to keep the floors clean is to wipe any spills immediately. Remember that the longer the liquid stays in the floor, the more likely it’s going to stain.

So check out the tips below on how you can maintain your laminate floors and keep them looking new for a longer time.

Protect Them

Here’s how you can keep your laminate flooring Bakersfield CA protected:

– Wipe the spills immediately. Remember, water that lingers on the laminate floors longer is a total disaster.

– When feeding your pet, place mats under their feeding bowl and do the same thing with the high chair of your baby. The mat will catch any liquid spills.

– Never use any product on your floor that promotes shine. These products will only cause a waxy buildup in your floors that can become extremely difficult to remove.

– Don’t use cleaners that are pine scented. These cleaners have the tendency to leave dull and soapy residue on the floors.

– Avoid using Murphy’s Oil because this product could leave major streaks on your laminate floor.

– The use of vinegar on laminate is still widely debated because its level of acidity may be harmful to the laminate surface. Yet, some people use a little bit of vinegar and plenty of hot water in order to remove pet grime. Using a lot of vinegar could remove the protective seal of the flooring.

– Avoid traditional wet mopping as this could ruin your laminate floors.

– Try to avoid wearing stiletto heels as much as you can. If you need to wear them, carry them out and wear them only when you’re out of the door.

– Trim the nails of your pets regularly before they could scrape the protective layers of the floor off.

– Place furniture pads under the legs of your tables, chairs, and other furniture.

Maintenance Tips

Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind:

– Use a soft bristle broom to sweep the floors. Sweeping can help to remove debris, pet hair, and pretty much every bit of dirt that has accumulated on the floor.

– Use the soft brush attachment in your vacuum to clean hard-to-reach dust at the corner of your rooms.

– Using damp mop means less water can enter between your laminate seams. Mix a few drops of liquid detergent with hot water. Dip your mop in the mixture, squeeze and mop the floor.

In a Pinch

– Occasionally use a steam mop for deep cleaning. Don’t do this daily though since the repeated use of steam could buckle the laminate.

– You can use window cleaner occasionally to clean up the spills in your laminate Bakersfield flooring but never use ammonia since it could strip the protective sealant off.