Guest Groups: Dreaming of Spring

All these chilly days are getting long and gray. Including a couple touches of green in your décor may help combat those seasonal blues and usher in character’s freshest season. — Danyelle from Dandee Designs


Fringed Clematis Shade, Green – $98

Switching an present lampshade for this green fringed style will add colour, texture and a great deal of character.


Appellation Utensil Jar, Green – $28

I adore the idea of freshening up the most utilitarian items in our houses, like a utensil jar.


Green Leaves Framed Art – $2,200

Just a little artwork goes a very long way, especially one with such a lovely color scheme.

West Elm

Little Rectangle Lacquer Tray, Sprout – $29

A simple lacquer tray packs a large punch.


In Clouds Wallpaper – $198

This pretty background looks like clouds but turns into something completely different upon further identification. I adore small bits of surprise in house decoration.

West Elm

Allegra Hicks Printed Harlequin Jute Rug – $39

This carpet would assist freshen up a house with a neutral colour palette.


Bexley Pear Throw – $69.95

When it comes to freshening up a space, nothing is easier than throwing a throw in a fun hue over a chair.


Hanging Glass Terrarium – $6.95

I adore the idea of adding real plant into a space with these amazing hanging terrariums.

Modern Pillows – $49

Sometimes all you need is a simple stripe.


Ming Green Side Chair – $199

This is the best shade of green to my eye. The lines of this chair also make it a showstopper.

The Land of Nod

Crow’s Feet Rug, Green – $179

Even modern spaces can be elastic with this geometric area rug.


Ceramic Stool, Green – GBP 130

I’m imagining my favorite magazines placed on the top of this ceramic stool beside a bright window. Sounds perfect, right?


Owl Pillow Case Apple Green Owl Silhouette by Classic by Nature – $32

This small owl is so sweet and would look fantastic in a nursery or child’s room.


Pale Green Polaroid Photography Neutral Ocean Art Print by Bomobob – $30

Why don’t you bring the outdoors in? This picture will help you do exactly that.


Live What You Love Letterpress Print, Yellow by Heartfish Press – $12.50

Positive reinforcements never hurt anyone.

Design Public

Produzione Privata Acquamiki Pendant Lamp, Transparent Green – $590

This translucent pendant lighting is your best find! The shape is lovely and the colour has me green with envy.


Bayberry Candle – $20

Adding a pretty candle to some space goes a very long way. They can add colour, play and sweet scents. Throw in excellent packaging, and I can not resist!


2012 Purchase Local Towel – $20

This tea towel could be a nice touch in any kitchen.


Greendale Home Fashions Toss Pillows, Zig Zag, Village Green – $32.99

I don’t believe the favorite zigzag pattern is going anywhere soon. Pump up the throw pillows on your bed by incorporating this pop of colour.

West Elm

Café Mugs, Lime Green – $4

Why don’t you try substituting your old dull coffee mug with one in a pretty color?

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Guest Groups: Rainy-Day Reading Spaces

When the weather is dreary, be it raining or snowing, the first thing comes to mind is curling up with a good novel. I believe every home should have a particular place to sit, relax and read. Whether you fancy a house library or a reading nook, these 20 items will ensure that your space will feel a little more like your new preferred escape. — Trina from La La Lovely


Stacked Paperback Wallpaper – $198

If you’ve got a reading nook or corner, I believe this background is beyond fun. It will play up the”library” feel when space is tight.


Read by Carmyn Joy Photography – $20

This photograph of a genuine library in Sweden is magnificent. It is going to surely add any drama your small reading corner may lack.

Graham and Green

The Jester Armchair – GBP 895

It’s hard to locate a furniture piece that’s both friendly and formal. This velvet chair would definitely be quite convenient, in both style and comfort, for a library or dining room.


Fiddleleaf Fig Tree – $12

Just a small greenery in a dark reading corner always adds an excess touch of life, especially when it’s cold or rainy out. I’ve been needing a Fiddleleaf Fig like this one for quite some time.

Graham and Green

Lighting totally sets the ambiance for a space, and what actually creates a reading room into a library is the best sconce. Mount these straight onto a bookshelf for a small extra drama.

Gift Republic

First Class Bone China Mug – GBP 9.99

After reading, a cup of tea or coffee is obviously in order. I would love to sip milky tea from this bright mug while reading a classic.


Burlap Backed Bookcase – $2,998

Aside from books, a library or reading room requires a bookshelf the most. I am in love with this one, as it looks like it just jumped out of an old English manor.


Embroidered Penguin Classics, Black Beauty – $11.20

Of course you will need your favourite books to fulfill your bookshelves, however you will want to displayfront and centre, a couple books that are equally as pretty on the outside as the words printed inside.

Serena & Lily

Hammered Metal Tray Table – $225

This tiny table would be just right in a library or reading corner. It would be absolutely comfy next to a table or window seat and pleased to maintain your cup of java.

Jayson Home

6-Foot Field Bench – $3,650

This stunning bench could make a window seat in a moment’s time. I believe that it would also be just as happy tucked into a small corner or corner. Curling up on this bench with a book in hand would be pure bliss.

West Elm

Seagrass Basket, Oversized – $129

Baskets are excellent catchalls for publications, books and papers. This basket will work good in both conventional and contemporary reading rooms.

West Elm

Alphabet Candles – $10

Reading by candlelight — what could be more relaxing? I love the design and quirk these candles would add to a home library. Their letters set well with the books.

Utility Canvas

Printed Throw Blanket – $145

Getting lost in a book on a snowy or rainy day asks a blanket. This blanket would do just fine. It’s neither overly stuffy nor overly casual.


Brass Coated Shell Bookends by Vintage Lancaster – $18

Bookends are like the icing on the cake so far as books are concerned. I love these metal seashells. They are shiny and take my thoughts adrift to sunny days.


Twin Beacons Lamp – $798

A reading lamp is a must for a house library, reading corner or even just a chair in quiet corner. I adore the style of the twin lamp; it’s double the fun.

Jayson Home

Vintage Oushak Rug – $2,095

This classic rug are the very best thing to produce a rather ordinary room into a house library. The dark colours are so rich and the routine is perfection.


Vintage Brass Bamboo Tray from Vandrey Industries – $26

A menu which sits on your bench or shelf and holds your cup of tea or coffee is a must. This gold bamboo tray is so interesting.


Sage Decorative Pillow – $117

This routine would add just the ideal amount of interest to a reading chair or bench.

Traditional Armchairs & Accent Chairs – GBP 950

Leather chairs are almost a must in a house library. I believe the worn feel of the chair, particularly, fits the bill. I’ll take two, please.

Nursery Works

Tree Bookcase – $850

This is 1 way to think beyond the box when it comes to saving your books. If you are likely to make a reading nook, why not make it inviting for small ones while also incorporating some interest for adult eyes? I would love to have these bookshelves for my children.

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Great books for your home library or reading nook

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Ecofriendly Kitchen: Healthier Kitchen Cabinets

Ecofriendly cabinets aren’t just for tree huggers. Anyone wanting to boost their home’s indoor air quality or reduce the toxins that they and their families are exposed to must pay careful attention to the makeup of their kitchen cabinets. Here are a few handsome eco-friendly cabinet options, together with explanations of what makes them healthier.

Red Pepper Cabinetry & Design

Formaldehyde-free options. Cabinets, and especially their inside boxes, are usually constructed of particleboard, fiberboard or plywood — all of which are often made with added urea formaldehyde binders or glues, which release fumes.

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. A recent U.S. Congress bill demands that formadehyde emissions in those substrates be decreased to safer levels by 2013. Until then, err on the safe side with formaldehyde-free and low-VOC options, including FSC-certified plywood, bamboo plywood and agrifiber planks, which make smart utilization of agricultural by-products, an annually renewable resource. Formaldehyde-free cabinets can be trendy, as this kitchen shows.

ZeroEnergy Design

No- and low-VOC finishes. Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) are chemical fumes emitted from some materials. For improved indoor air quality, pick finishes labeled “no-VOC” or “low-VOC.” Water-based products — with naturally fewer VOCs — are best for a secure and durable cabinet finish.

The standard of water-based endings has improved recently as the demand for safer options has increased. For extra confidence of product security, you are able to seek certifications from Green Seal or even GreenGuard — two industry-independent organizations that give their seal of approval for construction products with reduced chemical emissions.

This airy and light-filled kitchen used no- and low-VOC finishes as part of a whole-house system to sustainability.

SB Architects

FSC-certified timber. Creating a sustainable timber choice is often as easy as seeking certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which implies, in part, that timber products come from responsibly harvested woods. This fashionable San Francisco kitchen utilizes FSC-certified cabinet boxes.


Salvaged timber. The most sustainable option, salvaged wood delivers richness and character with its history. Look for timber with a story that you will delight in sharing with its admirers. This bright kitchen has been equipped with lockable Douglas fir cabinets built onsite.

West Architecture Studio

Wood veneer. Veneer, only a thin piece of wood adhered to a substrate, gives the feel and look of wood without using an excessive amount of precious wood. The wenge veneer on the kitchen’s cabinets proves that veneer can be equally luxe as strong wood.

FINNE Architects

Renewable timber: bamboo. Granite is a rapidly renewable resource, and it’s naturally stronger and harder than most other hardwoods. In this kitchen, Plyboo, an FSC-certified bamboo product, is set at a darker wood framework for an exotic look.

Melaragno Design Company, LLC

Renewable timber: Lyptus. These cabinets are constructed of Lyptus, a relatively new engineered product from a hybrid eucalyptus species grown on Brazilian plantations. Lyptus touts the beneficial traits of timber and reaches maturity in only 15 years, a quarter of the period needed for average hardwoods. The look is very similar to that of cherry or mahogany, with a fine grain.

Amoroso Design

Durability. Durability is an essential element of eco friendly cabinets. Choose well-built cabinets with strong hardware which can hold up to years of operation, exposure to heat from the range and steam from the dishwasher. When making decisions, do this with the expectation that your kitchen is going to be set up for decades.

Tell us What is your preferred eco friendly cupboard material?

Ecofriendly Materials: Kitchen Countertops
Nontoxic Paint 101

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Renovation Detail: The Built-In Corkboard

We have started purchasing the stuff. And by go time, I suggest our renovation’s point in which I request my carpenter husband to create the customizations from my wish list. The built-in corkboard.

I’m a saver: snail mail, paint chips, movie tickets, blue ribbons, fabric swatches. And rather than loading my loft using shoeboxes filled with these sentimental trinkets, I’d rather snare up them to appreciate and display them. The corkboard is the best solution.

By integrating cork into the nooks and crannies of your home, you make a personal museum. On cabinet doors, above desks built-in corkboards tell the story of our own lives. Where in your home can you tell yours?

Shane D. Inman

The wall above your desk is the perfect spot for pinning inspirational photos or reminders up. They key is to custom match the cork to the space.

Gaspar’s Structure

They are sometimes equipped to keep the report screen tradition, while paneled refrigerator doors are not magnetic.

Dayka Robinson Designs

Vibrant white decorative molding and nailhead detailing frame a boudoir-appropriate corkboard.

Fletcher Rhodes

Corkboards are particularly appropriate in children’s spaces, where display is called for by a never-ending cycle of artwork that is imaginative.

Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design

Framed with decorative molding and mounted above a twin bed, fabric and cork create the headboard of the dreams of every girl.

Farinelli Construction, Inc..

As a designer, I’m excited about a habit built-in for pinning samples and swatches which correspond with all the projects I’m currently cooking up corkboard.

Craftsman Design and Renovation

Install cork on the front of your cabinet doors, and you have ample room on what would happen to be an unused surface, for pinning.

Emerick Architects

Use cork.


Create a big, built-in corkboard by covering an entire expanse of wall using cork and framing it with decorative moldings.

13 Inspiring Ways to Style Your Own Inspiration Board

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